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I Know What I Want for Christmas

Introducing SurvivaBall. In case you need to survive global climate meltdown or similar.



1. SHF Atenna with Supplementary LF Annennae
2. Receiver and Data Processor
3. Protective Headgear with Visor
4. Drinking Straw
5. External pores (defensive)
6. Defense Enhancement Unit (1 of 3; primary)
7. Food Reprocessor (receives nutrients from Nutrition Refunction Centre, 21)
8. Maniple Pods (for interaction with people, technology and the environment)
9. Nutrition Utility Transfer (conveys nutrients from Food Reprocessor, 6)
10. Electrical Grafting (secures against power loss)
11. Dynamo
12. Motors (powered by Dynamo, 11, and Maniple Pod, 8, plug interfaces)
13. Electromagnetic Strips (generate electricity for Dynamo, 11, and allow external linkage)
14. Maniple Pod Deployed as Rotor (applicable to all MPs)
15. Defense Enhancement Unit (2 of 3; non-lethal)
16. Power Converter
17. Defense Enhancement Unit (3 of 3; rear)
18. Power Conduits with Inline Power Converters and Dynamo)
19. Medical Analysis Unit (runs constant scans on health and energy)
20. Personal Trapment Unit (conveys cast-off to Nutrition Refunction Centre, 21)
21. Nutrition Refunction Centre (extracts nutrients from cast-off)
22. Persistent Nutrition Unit (delivers small amounts on an ongoing basis)
23. Suspension Grid (elasticated cable system)
24. Hyperfine Elasticity Units (impart added momentum)
25. Medical Stability and Emergency Unit
26. Communications and Infrastructure Monitoring Assemblage


Anyone want to converge to form a managerial aggregate with me?

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Is It Just Me…

…cause I really don’t get this:


Don’t get me wrong, I lurrrve fashion. I wait all week to watch Project Runway. I understand that this is considered couture. But.


I mean, come on.

On top of being dressed in some of the ugliest clothes ever, this poor guy is disturbingly thin. Someone get him a sandwich, stat.


And then come the ladies:


WTF, right?

And a few more just for the hell of it:


After my extreme bout of vertigo lately, that last one kind of freaks me out.

What say you?

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