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Gosh, I Kinda Like Taxes

It’s tax time, and as April 15th draws near, we’ll be inundated with tax-hating protesters who just can’t stand to see a single dime of their hard-earned money go toward taxes.

Heaven forbid that we actually give money to our government so they can take care of the things that the rest of us have neither the time, the skill, nor the money to pay for ourselves.

I was on a walk to the park last weekend with my daughter, and I realized that everything around me was paid for by taxes.

The playground equipment:

The public tennis courts:

The covered shelter:

We started to head home, and I kept looking around me, amazed just how much I (we) take for granted.

The paved and plowed street:

The street lights (installed, maintained and lit by taxes):

The bus system:

The street signs:

It just kept going and going.

Imagine what our lives would be like if they government didn’t use our taxes to pay for these things. When the United States first became a country, each person in each household had to come together to work for the common good (uh oh, that sounds a lot like Socialism, doesn’t it?). They had to work together and use their time, energy, skills and money to get everything done. The signs would have to be made, the lights lit, the roads paved and plowed, the schools built…it goes on and on. No wonder life-expectancy was only 35 years.

These anti-tax people use government services every day, and I bet they don’t even think twice about it. I think it’s time to remind our Freedom-loving friends just what our taxes pay for. For more information about where our tax money goes, visit The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

And just for fun, here’s a little protest sign humor to brighten your day:

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