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Sweet Deal for Sarah Fans

Get it while the gittin’s good, my friends. Hurry on down to the Wal-Mart, where you can pick up yer very own copy of Goin’ Rogue: An American Lie. Be sure to bring yer wallet, though, ’cause they ain’t given ’em away. They’s nine whole dollars.


Did you notice what “People Who Bought This Item Also Bought”?


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My Dinner with the Palins

Here’s how it would go down:

Todd: Hey, nice to meetcha.

Me: You too. So, Sarah, why is it so impossible for you to tell the truth?

Sarah: Get her out of here.

And scene.

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The Anniversary of My Awakening

Wake up!

One year ago today, I woke up.

When I heard the word that Sarah Palin had been picked as John McCain’s running mate, it felt more like the stomach flu than a gentle nudge, but I do have to admit that I am a different–and much more aware–person than I was a year ago.

A year ago I didn’t even know who I was going to vote for.
A year ago, I hadn’t even watched the Democratic National Convention.
A year ago, I had neutral feelings about Sarah Palin.
A year ago, I was an idiot.

The past year has been a whirlwind of emotions, activism, joy and pain. I have made more friends because of politics than I know what to do with. I know that if I go on vacation anywhere from Hawaii to Australia to Wales to Ireland to D.C. to California, I will have someone to visit.

I am not a morning person. I hate to hear the sound of the alarm. This was one awakening that I’m so glad I listened to.

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Thanks, Sarah!

Outside the special session, Bob Lynn faces supporters of overturning Palin's veto.

Outside the special session, Bob Lynn faces supports of overturning Palin's veto.

Thanks to Sarah Palin who decided to quit her job last month, the Legislature called a special session and voted to overturn her veto of energy stimulus funds. We were the only state in the nation to refuse the funds. We also had a major crisis in bush Alaska last winter due to…energy costs (along with other factors).

If Sarah hadn’t resigned, there wouldn’t have been a special session to confirm her appointee of Lt. Governor, Craig Campbell, and the legislature wouldn’t have been able to accept the stimulus money. In this case, I think we owe Sarah a big THANK YOU and a hearty slap on the back. You done good, girl.

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Does This Count?

Do you think Sarah Palin reads Mamadance? From the looks of her most recent Facebook message, perhaps so.

She writes:

Tomorrow begins an important week for Alaskans.

On Monday, state lawmakers will meet to override my veto of stimulus funds. As Governor, I did my utmost to warn our legislators that accepting stimulus funds will further tie Alaska to the federal government and chip away at Alaska’s right to chart its own course. Enforcing the federal building code requirements, which Governor Parnell and future governors will be forced to adopt in order to accept these energy funds, will eventually cost the state more than it receives. There are clear ropes attached, and Alaskans will soon find themselves tied down by codes which will dictate how we build and renovate homes and businesses. The state has hundreds of millions of dollars already budgeted for conservation, weatherization and renewable energy development. Legislators don’t need to play politics as usual and accept these funds and the ropes that come with them.

Also this week, Alaskans will join Senators Murkowski and Begich in town hall meetings to discuss the current health care legislation. There are many disturbing details in the current bill that Washington is trying to rush through Congress, but we must stick to a discussion of the issues and not get sidetracked by tactics that can be accused of leading to intimidation or harassment. Such tactics diminish our nation’s civil discourse which we need now more than ever because the fine print in this outrageous health care proposal must be understood clearly and not get lost in conscientious voters’ passion to want to make elected officials hear what we are saying. Let’s not give the proponents of nationalized health care any reason to criticize us.

– Sarah Palin

Yesterday, I wrote that whoever mans up first and stops the craziness wins. I even predicted that Sarah Palin would never in a million years be the one to do it. And today, she does it.

Doesn’t seem genuine though, does it? Not after refusing to calm down her supporters during the “kill him” campaign rallies.

So, does it count? Will she be able to calm the tide of crazy and appear to be the rational one? Who knows. After yesterday’s “death panel” message, I can’t see how that’s possible. But, I’ve been surprised before. We’ll have to wait and see.

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So, That Settles That

Remember when Sarah claimed that the reason Todd was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party (for seven years) was that he checked the wrong box? And then she freaked out? Remember the email she sent to Steve Schmidt, McCain’s chief strategist?

“That’s not part of their platform and he was only a ‘member’ bc independent alaskans too often check that ‘Alaska Independent’ box on voter registrations thinking it just means non partisan,” Palin wrote. “He caught his error when changing our address and checked the right box. I still want it fixed.”

The only problem is, there is no “Alaska Independent Box”.

You see, due to my recent move, I had to fill out the State of Alaska Voter Registration Application. This is the form you fill out when you register to vote for the first time, and you have to do it again when you have a change of address. So, while filling out the form, I noticed the “Political Affiliation” box.

Political Affiliation

You can see that there is no way someone with average or above intelligence (I’m going to go ahead and assume Todd is at least average) would “accidentally” pick the Alaskan Independence Party when they meant declaring themselves an Independent. The main reason is that Independent is not a choice. You can choose from Nonpartisan or Undeclared. It clearly states that Nonpartisan means you have no party affiliation and Undeclared means you just don’t want to declare your party affiliation.

So, there you have it. Check off the box for another one of Sarah’s lies proven false.

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Palin Divorce?

According to Gryphen at The Immoral Minority, there is a very good explanation for why Miss Sarah was not wearing her wedding ring to the Governor’s picnics last weekend: Todd and Sarah are getting a divorce. This would definitely help explain her sudden resignation (some pending scandal involving an affair perhaps?) and some of the other things that have happened lately.

As you can clearly see in this photo, she is not wearing her ring at the swearing-in ceremony in Fairbanks on July 26th.


Go here for the full story and lots of other interesting Palin tidbits.

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