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Poll Winner!

The winner of the Palin Reality Show poll is “As the Stomach Turns.” Congratulations to Elaine who submitted the winning title!

Since I only had five people submit titles, I will give each person a little something. I will be emailing all of those people for their addresses.

Thanks again for participating!

Just for fun:


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Last Day to Vote in Poll!

So far, 57 people have voted in the Reality Show poll. I made a fresh poll so that I could add the additional two titles that came in today. Please don’t vote again if you already voted today. I will tally the total of the two days of voting and announce a winner on Friday. Thanks!

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Poll Time!

If you think of one and would like to submit it, just leave it in the comments and I’ll add it.

The one with the most votes will receive a little something from Alaska!

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