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Questioning WAR

Today, Wayne Anthony Ross, Palin’s pick for AG, was questioned before the Alaska State Legislature.

One of my favorite people in Juneau, Bill Wielechowski did me proud:

Anchorage Democratic Sen. Bill Wielechowski brought up previous Ross statements, including saying the idea of Native sovereignty is a 19th century principle, and using words like “immoral,” and “degenerates” in a letter to the state bar association newsletter during a fight over gay rights in 1993.

“Some of the things that you’ve said are extremely divisive and I don’t think help us as a state move forward. And I don’t know that right now, at this time in our state, it’s in our best interest to have such a divisive figure,” he said.

After a quick search of Ross’ law firm website, Ross & Miner, I found a treasure trove of information about his interests and his background. Ross was a regular columnist for The Anchorage Times, a now out-of-print newspaper, and also wrote for other publications, such as Guns & Ammo, All Alaska Weekly, The Anchorage Daily News and The Alaska Bar Rag. The articles Ross has written run the not-so wide gamut between guns, politics, hunting, and family values.

Some of my favorite titles are:

“It Is Time We Quit Crying Over The Oil Spill”, The Anchorage Times, 17 September 1989. (The oil spill was on March 24th, 1989. He wrote this article a mere six months later.)

“Proponents Of Abortion Are Doomed To Lose”, The Anchorage Times, 14 May 1989.

“We’d Have Heroes If Media Lightened Up”, The Anchorage Times, 3 November 1991. (Sound familiar?)

“Your Lips Tell Me ‘No! No!’ But There’s ‘Yes! Yes!’ In Your Legislation”, All Alaska Weekly, 6 June 1986. (What??)

” Animal Activists Real Enemy”, The Anchorage Times, 2 December 1990.

“KKK ‘ Art’ Project Gets’ A’ For Courage”, The Anchorage Times, December 1991.

“Laws That Ban Firearms Are Exercises In Futility”, The Anchorage Times, 5 March 1989.

“False! False! False!”, Supplement to The Anchorage Daily News, 6 November 2000. (?)

“Bush Achievements Many”, Anchorage Daily News, 29 August 1992.

“ANCSA Deserves The Golden Fleece Award”, The Anchorage Times, 26 Apri11987. (ANCSA: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act)

So, as I learn more about Sir Wayne Anthony Ross (remember, he’s been knighted by the Vatican- another reason I find him distasteful), I find him that much more abhorrent. Like CC said on the AM1080 yesterday, “This is the best we can do??”

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