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Moving Day

Well, not for me, but for my parents. They are at this moment packing up the largest U-Haul I’ve ever seen and moving to their new house. It’s a lovely day, at least, so that’s a blessing. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

I’d be helping, you see, but I’m with S. The husband is breaking his back moving my parents’ abnormally heavy furniture, and I’m home surfing the net and trying to get S. to sleep. She fell asleep five minutes after we left my parent’s house, but when I put her down for a nap…no dice. Oh well. You can lead a baby to the crib but you can’t make her sleep. Or something like that.

I hope everyone’s had a nice weekend so far. I’m spending the weekend absorbing the big news. Wish me luck.

Update: Actually, turns out it is moving day for me. I moved my Blogger posts over here to WordPress so now you can read them all without having to go to my other site. Enjoy!

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