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It’s CineMonday!

Movie: Broken Flowers
Year: 2005
Starring: Bill Murray
Genre: Comedy? Drama? Mystery?
Rated: R, nudity, language, drugs
Runtime: 106 minutes
Stars: Two out of five

I had heard that this movie was slow and boring, but I also had heard that it was worth watching. Well, it was a little slow (there are several scenes where Bill Murray just sits for a whole minute), and a little boring, but it was also kind of interesting.

Broken Flowers is about a bachelor, Don Johnston, who gets a letter from an ex who claims that the son he sired 20 years ago (that he didn’t know about until now) might be coming to find him. Oh, and there’s no signature or return address.

Don’s neighbor, Winston, decides that it’s imperative that he goes to find the possible mothers to try to find out which one it was. Don finally agrees to go on the journey and does manage to find each of the women, but strange events with each woman cause him to be unclear about which one actually sent the letter.

Spoiler alert! If you plan to see this movie, don’t read the rest of this article.

The biggest problem with this movie, for me, is that there is no resolution. We never do find out who sent the letter. It ends oddly, which I know is done on purpose, but it doesn’t make the movie any easier to watch.

So, all in all, Broken Flowers was just okay. I can’t really recommend it. Critics might say that it’s fabulous and that I just didn’t understand it, but, hey, maybe it’s just me, but when I watch movies, I tend to like to understand them. The first time.

Enjoy! or…not.

Oh, and one more thing: Can you believe this is Tilda Swinton??

Good disguise, Tilda!  Courtesy of www.imbd.com

Good disguise, Tilda! Courtesy of http://www.imbd.com

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