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Monegan for Mayor

There have been many firsts for me in the past six months. It was the first time I’ve ever truly cared about politics. The first time I’ve attended a political rally (actually, four!). The first time I’ve donated to a candidate. And now, the first time I’ve gotten a hand-signed thank you note from a politician. On Monday, I received a thank you note from none other than Walt Monegan himself. I decided to donate to his cause as soon as I found out that he had a PayPal account. Coincidentally, I wound up meeting him only days after that, at my friend SMR’s house. She held an open house for him, and I decided to go, even though I was very nervous. Truth be told, I got lost on the way over there, and Walt himself had to “talk me in” (those were his words, not mine) over the cell phone. That’s right, he gave me his personal cell phone number.

Walt Monegan is a kind-hearted, gentle soul who sincerely cares about his fellow human beings. I think he would make a great mayor or even a great Governor (wink wink, nudge nudge). If you are interested in donating to the Walt Monegan for Mayor fund, click here. If not, that’s okay too.

And for those of you interested in what the note said, here ya go:

Dear Erin,
Thank you for your contribution. I must confess that I felt more than a little self-conscious in asking anyone for money until someone wiser than I sat down to explain what it really means.

Money isn’t an end, but a means; it buys commodities, provides some sense of security, and is the vehicle used to reach dreams.

Your contribution will buy signs and ads, help me speak to a safer community, and move us all toward a brighter future.

Thank you!

Walt Monegan

(This is the handwritten part.)
Erin- a helping hand along an uncertain journey is always appreciated…
Thank you!

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