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Why We Dance

Mamadancing is when we are our goofy, silly selves, moving and grooving just to entertain our children.  It’s when we shake our butts and make up words to our favorite songs just to get them to eat another bite.  It’s what we do at 2 am when we rock and sway to lull them to sleep after a long, hard day.  We rock, we roll, we jive, we twirl.  We dance.

Mamadancing is also what we do every day when we run between work and home, when we fret over our child while we’re at work, and when we worry about work when we’re at home.  It’s the daily “dance” between worlds that mothers perform to make sure our children have what they need to grow up healthy, strong and self-assured.  Some people call it the rat race or the grind.  I’m an optimist- I like to call it Mamadance.

This blog is in appreciation for those mothers that came before me, those that I find inspiration from, and those that are still to come- the friends and loved ones that are about to embark on their own journey, those that are about to begin the ultimate dance.  Thank you to all of you.  You’re beautiful.

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