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Stages of Grief

I am in the midst of a grief cycle right now. I was driving S. to daycare when I realized what Woody and Wilcox on the radio were saying. Our Governor, Sarah Palin, has been chosen to be the VP running mate. The first thing I did was shout, “NO! NO! HE CAN’T HAVE PICKED HER. HE’D BE STUPID TO PICK HER. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. OH. MY. GOD.” I’m sure S. didn’t appreciate this, but she didn’t interrupt my screaming. So I dropped her off and spent the drive to school going through the other stages of grief. So far, I’ve been through disbelief, anger, sadness, and now, I’m into nausea. Oh, that’s not a stage of grief? Well, it is now.

I’m just shocked. Extreme shock. Horrified. Ugh. I don’t know what this is going to do to our state, and that worries me.

You see, I liked Sarah Palin when she was running for governor, but I didn’t vote for her (she’s a Republican, you see). Then she got elected. So I waited, and she seemed to be working out well as governor. She then did a couple of things that I disapproved of, which made me like her less. And then the scandal hit. She is accused of firing the head of the Troopers because he refused to fire her ex brother-in-law, who went through a nasty divorce with her sister. It looks like the accusations are well founded, and there’s an investigation in the works. I’m surprised that McCain would have picked her in the midst of this scandal. Maybe it’s just small potatoes, but I think it says a lot about her character. I have begun to distrust her in the past few months, so I have a negative opinion of her right now. That’s just my personal opinion, of course.

Anyway, think of me while you watch the news today. And know that I am probably still in shock and possibly sick to my stomach.

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