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So long, Sarah, I won’t miss you. No, it’s true. I wish you would just fade away into obscurity instead of beginning your new career as Tweeter-in-Chief. You have been an embarrassment to our state, and we will never be thought of without people thinking of your ridiculous antics over the past year.

You were never really our Governor, were you? You keep saying you care about us, but it’s obvious to me and many others that this has been all about you. You failed to make a positive difference for so many groups. Native Alaskans, rape victims, schoolchildren, single moms, subsistence fishermen, domestic abuse victims…I could go on. I can’t imagine how you could hold up your administration and claim that you are proud of their accomplishments. You should be ashamed of how you treated us. It’s not a joke, Sarah. I’m not laughing.

You sure did make a name for yourself, though, didn’t you? You are now a household name and a whole heap richer. Thanks for “fighting” for us.

Just get out. And don’t come back. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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