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So, the legislature approved a $1,200 rebate for all people (including children) living in the Gret Stet of Alaska, to help offset high energy costs. Gas is still around $4.36 a gallon, and although prices have gone down in the Lower 48 for the past 21 DAYS IN A ROW, it’s only gone down around 8 cents here. The governor is also pushing for a gas-tax reduction of 8 cents a gallon, which would help a bit.

In a way, I am psyched about the rebate, since I’ll be getting $1,200 to spend any way I want to (well, it can pay for my Nordstrom’s anniversary sale shopping spree last month), and the baby’s rebate can go right into her college account. So, in the greedy-gimmie-money part of myself, I’m happy. On the other hand, I’d like the governor to use the billions (yes, I said billions) of dollars this will cost toward the things that matter, like education, fire, police, roads, etc. There’s an unfunded liability in the Teacher’s Retirement Fund, so it’d be nice if she’d put some of it to making sure there’s enough money for people to retire in the future (like myself) and still get full benefits.

So there you go. If you want to read about the rebate checks, you can go to adn.com or click here.

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