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One Lovely Blog

A dear friend of mine who I met through Mudflats awarded me the One Lovely Blog award this past week.

I am humbled, as it is her blog that I feel is truly worthy. Therefore, I’m giving the award back to her. You can read her amazing food blog, Life’s a Feast, here. Jamie is one of those cooks who makes the most divine dishes look simple. She’s living in France, but spent seven years in Italy, which makes her food even that more exotic and amazing. I wish I could jump on a plane right now and go try her artichoke-asparagus risotto. Jamie presents the backstory for each recipe, and then takes you through it, step by step, with gorgeous pictures to lead the way. She amazes me. So thanks, Jamie. It’s been wonderful to get to know you and your lovely blog.

Since Jamie passed on her award to more than just one blog, I shall do the same. Here are just a few of the blogs that I’ve discovered in the past year that have improved my life and opened my eyes.

Making it Lovely– Nicole Balch is a designer/shop owner extraordinaire who never ceases to amaze me with her talent and creativity. She owns a little shop called PinkLovesBrown.com, where you can find unique stationery, note cards, pins and mirrors. Nicole is on maternity leave right now, as her new baby girl has recently arrived, but is still posting at Making It Lovely.

Da Goddess– My friend Joanie is a photographer. She loves da blues, and her kids Mojo and Little Dude. Joanie has become one of the unlikely people I’ve encountered through the tubes that I think I’ll be friends with forever. Her life has its ups-and-downs (whose doesn’t?) but she always shares whatever is happening with us, and for that, I think she is one of the bravest people I’ve ever met. Her photos are beautiful and she enjoys sharing her expertise with the reader. You deserve this award, Joanie. Thanks for being a great friend.

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I Should Buy Stock in…

S. eats a lot of things. She eats toast, soup, chicken, oatmeal, chips, chocolate, cake, bananas, dried fruit, sausage, lentils and rice. But she LOVES two things. Yogurt and sweet potatoes (Gerber brand). Some days if she won’t eat anything else, she’ll eat yogurt and sweet potatoes. It’s funny, since sweet potatoes are the very first solid food I ever gave her. Go figure.

So, tell me, what should you buy stock in? What do your kids eat when they won’t eat anything else?

Just for fun, here she is enjoying the chocolate cake batter:

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