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Last August, Governor Palin “took her Governor hat off” during a press conference, and told voters that she would be voting No on ballot measure 4, the “clean water” initiative. Turns out, this may have not been legal.

State law says that a governor cannot spend money or “provide anything of value” to influence the outcome of a ballot measure unless the Legislature has appropriated money for that purpose.

ADN, 4/25/09

The argument could be made that by telling the public that she did not support the measure, she was providing something of great value to the initiative’s opponents: publicity and the support of the most powerful woman in the state.

It remains to be seen if Governor Palin broke the law in this case. According to the above article, “On Friday, the Alaska Public Offices Commission held a hearing on the Palin issue. The five-member commission has 11 days to issue a decision in writing.”

This could get interesting.


Thanks to Sally, a commenter, who attached a PDF link with the following information:

For Immediate Release
Contact: Willis Lyford
January 25, 2008

New Statewide Coalition Of Concerned Alaskans
Formed To Stop Anti-Mining Ballot Initiatives

Anchorage, AK – A new statewide coalition of Alaskans concerned about the negative effects on Alaska of two proposed ballot initiatives was announced today. Alaskans Against the Mining Shutdown will direct a statewide campaign to defeat two statewide ballot initiatives which would have the effect of shutting down existing mines and prohibiting future mines in Alaska. The campaign today notified the Alaska Public Offices Commission of its intention to register as a ballot measure group should these measures be certified for the ballot by Alaska Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

“The end result of the ballot initiatives would be a shutdown in jobs, a shutdown of a rapidly growing sector of Alaska’s economy and, for many communities, a shutdown of hope. These initiatives would have a devastating effect on Alaska’s mining families, and be a serious economic blow to rural communities and the economy statewide,” said Marie Greene of Kotzebue, a founding member of the campaign committee and president of NANA Regional Corporation.

Other founding members of the campaign committee include Kristin Cole of Wasilla, Bill Corbus of Juneau, Hugh Fate of Fairbanks, Robert Favretto of Kenai, Cheryl Frasca of Anchorage, Ernie Hall of Anchorage, Mark Langland of Anchorage, Matthew Nicolai of Anchorage, Vicki Otte of Anchorage, Mark Pfeffer of Anchorage, Ramona Reeves of Fairbanks, John Sandor of Juneau, Helvi Sandvik of Anchorage, William Sheffield of Anchorage, John Shively of Anchorage, Rick Solie of Fairbanks, Arliss Sturgulewski of Anchorage, Dan Sullivan of Anchorage, Jim Taro of Ketchikan, Tim Towarak of Nome, Mead Treadwell of Anchorage, Jim Whitaker of Fairbanks, Bill Williams of Ketchikan, and Mayor John Williams of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Willis Lyford, an Anchorage marketing and public affairs executive , will serve as the campaign’s director headquartered in Anchorage, and Timothy Sullivan, Jr. of Anchorage, a longtime Alaska government affairs consultant, will serve as campaign field director. “Alaskans Against the Mining Shutdown (AAMS) will bring together concerned Alaskans from across the state,” remarked Lyford, “The mining shutdown is bad for hard working Alaskans and their families as the initiatives would rob our communities and the Alaska Native population of a significant source of jobs and revenue. The initiatives are also bad policy as they would arbitrarily override the state and federal environmental and scientific review process. Over the upcoming months we’ll be expanding our statewide organization to stop the shutdown.”

Among the groups already publicly opposing the anti-mining ballot measures are the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the ANSCA Regional Corporation President’s Association, representing the leaders of many Alaska Native corporations.

Paid for by Alaskans Against the Mining Shutdown
207 East Northern Lights Blvd., Suite 200, Anchorage, Alaska 99503 – http://www.againsttheshutdown.com – Ph: 907.868.3202

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