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I know, I know. I’ve been gone a long time. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past…what? Nearly four weeks??:

My best friend’s dog died after having him shipped in from the bush to go to the emergency veterinarian’s.

Busily Christmas shopping, online and in stores.

Practicing patience one day at a time while my 2-year-old figures out how far she can push me.

Reading The Hour I First Believed and Couch.

Impatiently waiting for my Nook to arrive. It was supposed to ship out on Monday but still no word from B & N.

Buying our first “real” Christmas tree. That means that it is more than 2 feet tall. (It is fake but gorgeous!)

Following Palin’s Excellent Adventure across the country (or should I call it The Trail of Tears?).

Cooking for 8 hours (in 2 4-hour shifts) for Thanksgiving. Man, my back hurt after that one.

Helping with the 2nd H1N1 clinic at my school. The preschoolers remembered what happened last time and THEY DID NOT LIKE IT.

Here are a few things that I haven’t been doing:
1. Exercising
2. Sending Christmas cards
3. Cleaning
4. Sleeping in (when, oh when will she sleep past 7 am?)
5. Blogging (I guess you figured that one out by now)

So, now you’re all caught up. Now I need to get my act together and finish preparing for Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!

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I Know What I Want for Christmas

Introducing SurvivaBall. In case you need to survive global climate meltdown or similar.



1. SHF Atenna with Supplementary LF Annennae
2. Receiver and Data Processor
3. Protective Headgear with Visor
4. Drinking Straw
5. External pores (defensive)
6. Defense Enhancement Unit (1 of 3; primary)
7. Food Reprocessor (receives nutrients from Nutrition Refunction Centre, 21)
8. Maniple Pods (for interaction with people, technology and the environment)
9. Nutrition Utility Transfer (conveys nutrients from Food Reprocessor, 6)
10. Electrical Grafting (secures against power loss)
11. Dynamo
12. Motors (powered by Dynamo, 11, and Maniple Pod, 8, plug interfaces)
13. Electromagnetic Strips (generate electricity for Dynamo, 11, and allow external linkage)
14. Maniple Pod Deployed as Rotor (applicable to all MPs)
15. Defense Enhancement Unit (2 of 3; non-lethal)
16. Power Converter
17. Defense Enhancement Unit (3 of 3; rear)
18. Power Conduits with Inline Power Converters and Dynamo)
19. Medical Analysis Unit (runs constant scans on health and energy)
20. Personal Trapment Unit (conveys cast-off to Nutrition Refunction Centre, 21)
21. Nutrition Refunction Centre (extracts nutrients from cast-off)
22. Persistent Nutrition Unit (delivers small amounts on an ongoing basis)
23. Suspension Grid (elasticated cable system)
24. Hyperfine Elasticity Units (impart added momentum)
25. Medical Stability and Emergency Unit
26. Communications and Infrastructure Monitoring Assemblage


Anyone want to converge to form a managerial aggregate with me?

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According to The Telegraph, the dye in blue M & M’s help cure spinal cord injuries.

“The compound Brilliant Blue G blocks a chemical that kills healthy spinal cord cells around the damaged area – an event that often causes more irreversible damage than the original injury.


Those treated with BBG were later able to walk, although with a limp. Rats that did not receive the BBG solution never regained the ability to walk.”

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Oh, I wish I’d found It’s Lovely! I’ll Take It! when I was looking for houses this spring. The tagline is “A collection of poorly chosen photos from real estate listings.” Very, very funny. I might just have to go back and look for that house that was floor-to-ceiling wood paneling to send in.

A few fine examples:



It’s got to make you wonder what they were thinking when they chose those photos.

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Freaking Hilarious

If you’re tired of reading about you-know-who or health care, take a mental break and watch this video. It’ll make you laugh, and if I know one thing for sure, we all need more laughter in our lives. Enjoy.

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Stewart the New Cronkite?


According to an online poll over at Time.com, Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsperson in America right now.

I bet if you did this as a phone poll or any other kind of poll, the results would be very different. Good to know that my man Jon came out on top, though.

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Palin-Free Monday

Today is an absolutely beautiful day here in Anchorage. The sun is shining brightly (after almost a week of haze), the sky is blue and the winds are calm. Perfect.

I refuse to soil today with any posts about Palin, even though there is plenty to talk about. Just go to Huffington Post and you’ll see the link to the new article in the New York Times. There’s one about Levi on the Today Show, too, if you’re interested.

Me, I’m going to spend the day playing with my daughter, enjoying the sunshine and of course, cleaning.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! See you tomorrow.

In the Sprinkler

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