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Good, No?

A couple of days ago, I had this brilliant idea for a personalized license plate. What do you think?

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I saw this car on my way home today. It’s my new favorite license plate.

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I saw this today and it made me smile:

I never thought to call her a douchebag, but now that’s my favorite pet name for her. Happy New Year, everyone!

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Poor Brian!

Talk about getting whitewashed…

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Alex Forrest, Is that You?

Is it me, or does Sarah Jessica Parker look remarkably like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction here?


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Is It Just Me…

…cause I really don’t get this:


Don’t get me wrong, I lurrrve fashion. I wait all week to watch Project Runway. I understand that this is considered couture. But.


I mean, come on.

On top of being dressed in some of the ugliest clothes ever, this poor guy is disturbingly thin. Someone get him a sandwich, stat.


And then come the ladies:


WTF, right?

And a few more just for the hell of it:


After my extreme bout of vertigo lately, that last one kind of freaks me out.

What say you?

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Poor Kanye. After what happened at the VMA’s, I actually almost feel sorry for the guy. Here’s my favorite Kanye-related parody:


Thanks to Huff Po, who can always be counted on to post stuff that makes me laugh.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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A Little Something

School has started and I am beyond overwhelmed. Here’s a little something that takes very little brain power for me to post about. It’s a site called Photoshop Disasters, and I might have lost about two hours of my life looking at it. I also might have shot margarita out of my nose while perusing said website with some friends (hi Staci and Rondi!).

A sample of the hilarity within:


Can you find the mistake? If not, you might want to get your eyes checked. Or go have a margarita.

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