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That’s all I can say. Check out this list of people coming to Senator Stevens’ funeral here in Anchorage tomorrow:

Expected Speakers (not in order of speaking):

* Vice President Joe Biden
* U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye, President Pro Tempore (D-HI)
* U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader (R-KY)
* U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

Expected Attendees:

* Vice President Joseph Biden

Former Senators

* Howard Baker R-TN
* Norm Coleman R-MN
* Alfonse D’Amato R-NY
* Dennis DeConcini D-AZ
* Peter Domenici R-NM
* Nancy Kassebaum R-KS
* Mack Mattingly R-GA
* Larry Pressler D-SD
* John Sununu R-NH

Current Senators

* Mark Begich D-AK
* Bob Bennett R-UT
* Kit Bond R-MO
* Thad Cochran R-MS
* Chris Dodd D-CT
* Orrin Hatch R-UT
* Daniel Inouye D-HI
* Mitch McConnell R-KY
* Lisa Murkowski R-AK
* Pat Roberts R-KS
* Arlen Specter D-PA


* Don Young R-AK
* Norm Dicks D-WA

Alaska Governors

* Sean Parnell
* Sarah Palin
* Frank Murkowski
* Tony Knowles
* Bill Sheffield

State House of Representatives

* Speaker Mike Chenault
* Bob Buch
* Harry Crawford
* Bryce Edgmon
* Anna Fairclough
* Max Gruenberg
* David Guttenberg
* Bob Herron
* Lindsey Holmes
* Kyle Johansen
* Craig Johnson
* Reggie Joule
* Scott Kawasaki
* Beth Kerttula
* Bob Lynn
* Charisse Millett
* Cathy Munoz
* Mark Neuman
* Pete Peterson
* Jay Ramras
* Woodie Salmon
* Bill Stoltz
* Bill Thomas
* Chris Tuck
* Tammie Wilson

State Senators

* Senate President Gary Stevens
* John Coghill
* Fred Dyson
* Dennis Egan
* Johnny Ellis
* Hollis French
* Lyman Hoffman
* Charlie Huggins
* Albert Kookesh
* Lesil McGuire
* Linda Menard
* Kevin Meyer
* Donny Olson
* Bert Stedman
* Joe Thomas
* Bill Wielechowski

Foreign Dignitaries and other Public Officials

* The Honorable Lu Wenxiang, Deputy Consul General of China in San Francisco
* The Honorable Zhang Hao, Vice Consul of China in San Francisco
* Princess Mahina Raputuki, Diplomat from Easter Island
* The Honorable Jennifer Loten, Consul of Canada in Anchorage
* The Honorable Sung-kyo Oh, Consul of the Republic of Korea
* The Honorable Hideo Fujita, Consul of Japan in Anchorage
* Scott Blackmun, CEO of the U.S. Olympic Committee

* Jack Potter, Postmaster General of the United States

Senior Generals representing every branch of the Armed Services.

From KTVA.com.

Apparently, people are going to be camping out in order to get into the service tomorrow. I will not be one of them.

Rest in peace, Senator Stevens. Thank you for everything you have done for Alaska. Your legacy will live forever.

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