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Back on New Year’s Eve, I put out a call for ideas on how I should destroy Sarah Palin’s book, which was given to me as a gift for Christmas by my husband (thanks, Dear!). Lots of people made suggestions, such as shoot it from a helicopter, run over it with a bus and drop it down the hole of a port-a-potty. While very amusing, many of the suggestions were somewhat impractical. Others were possible, such as burn it in the fire, turn it into art or line the kitty litter box with it, but just didn’t sound like something I would do.

After much contemplation, I’ve decided not to destroy her book, but to send it back to her. A commenter named Ferob actually suggested that I send it back with a note saying that someone gave it to me by mistake. On the contrary, I want her to know that it wasn’t a mistake. I want her to know that it was a joke but that I’m not laughing. I’m going to sign my copy of the book and write a letter inside. I think it’ll go something like this:

“Dear Sarah,
My husband bought me your book as a joke for Christmas. I thought for a very long time how I could destroy it, as a representation of how I feel about your lies.

I’ve decided that no book deserves to be destroyed and that it would do no one any good. I’m returning this copy to you because I don’t want its toxic presence in my home any longer. Please do yourself, your family, and the rest of the world a favor and start telling the truth.

Oh, and thanks, but no thanks.”

In the end, as a lover of books and literature, I just couldn’t justify destroying any book, even one so full of lies. I wouldn’t be any better than those who ban books from the library or burn them in a bonfire. I may have unresolved anger toward Ms. Palin, but I shouldn’t take it out on the book.

My letter may never be read by Sarah or her ilk, but that’s okay. I really don’t care what Sarah does anymore. She has no power over me or my state.

Now, does anyone have her address?

(And Ferob, congratulations! You have an email in your inbox waiting for you to claim your prize.)

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