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It’s amazing how much easier it is to listen to Sarah’s speech when William Shatner reads it.

Here is the link since it’s been taken down from YouTube. Nice, NBC. Nice.


Thanks, Gryphen. I needed this today.

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You Go, Carl Bernstein

Carl Bernstein has hit the nail on the head.

Journalist Carl Bernstein joined the “Morning Joe” panel to discuss Sarah Palin formally relinquishing the governorship of Alaska yesterday.

And he did not mince words regarding her fitness for national office, calling Palin “ignorant” and a “demagogue.”

From Wikipedia: Demagogy (also demagoguery) (Ancient Greek δημαγωγία, from δῆμος dēmos “people” and ἄγειν agein “to lead”) is a strategy for gaining political power by appealing to the prejudices, emotions, fears and expectations of the public — typically via impassioned rhetoric and propaganda, and often using nationalist, populist or religious themes. The term was used for the first time by Aristophanes in his satire against the demagogue Cleon.

This is a perfect description of Sarah Palin in my mind. I’m surprised there isn’t a picture of her on the above Wikipedia page.


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