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I keep hearing Republicans say over and over, “They’re just afraid of her.”

They’re right. I am afraid of her. I have hundreds of reasons to be afraid of her (see previous post).

She’s like a chimp with a handgun.


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Pass it On

For any of you who are still trying to convince friends, family members or coworkers that Sarah Palin is a nightmare in heels, check out the following: 100 Reasons We’ll Miss Sarah Palin. This list is not only entertaining, but informative because it provides links for each item.

Some of my favorites:

14. Before whining about unfair media coverage, Sarah Palin bashed Hillary Clinton for whining about unfair media coverage.

15. Doesn’t pronounce the G’s at the end of her words.

19. We’ll miss how she scared random celebrities like Matt Damon into speaking out.

25. She wore a pro-Democratic Party scarf to a Republican Rally.

Click here for more fun:

Part 2: 100 Reasons Sarah Palin Should Leave Politics
Part 3: 100 Reasons Why Palin is the Queen of Idiocracy
Part 4: 100 Reasons Why Sarah Palin Quit

(You didn’t think I was going to quit cold turkey, did you?)

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