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Have you ever been under such stress that you didn’t realize how bad it was until it was over? The air clears, you can breathe deeply again and your shoulders slide down from their previous position somewhere around your ears.

That’s how I feel today. The nightmare is over, no matter what. The past ten months have been like no other. I can honestly say I’m a different person than I was then. Even if Sarah Palin is in the news every day from here until the end of time (like that would be any different than it is now, right?), it’s all going to be okay. I know she won’t be president, and now I know she won’t do any more damage to my beautiful state of Alaska.

I can move on to other things. I won’t have to cover Sarah Palin stories any more because I won’t feel like I have a responsibility to protect Alaska from her nonsense.

I can honestly say without hesitation that I. Don’t. Care. I don’t care why she resigned. I’m just glad she did. And for that, I will be forever grateful to whoever it was that convinced her it was a good idea. Thanks, Todd.

Ahhh, now to open up a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and get my 4th of July on.

Happy Alaskan Independence Day, everyone!


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Sarah Palin Resigns!

Www.ktuu.com is reporting that Sarah Palin is resigning her position as Governor in a few weeks and will let Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell take over. More to come!

From cnn.com:

“She thinks she has accomplished goals she has set forward,” one of the sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said. “She sees what a positive influence she has had on people’s lives from traveling the country in the last year.”

And from HuffPo:

Speaking on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell reported that, according to “people very close to Sarah Palin,” she has “told her supporters that she is out of politics, period. She is fed up with politics. She doesn’t like her life. She feels that she needs to raise her family. She’s sick of the commute from Wasilla to the capital. And she really does not want to run for higher office, that this is not a case where she is stepping down in order to clear the way for a presidential run. In fact, she has told some of her biggest backers in the national Republican Party that they are free to choose other candidates for 2012, which of course opens new avenues for Mitt Romney, for Tim Pawlenty, for other potential candidates who are definitely in the running.”

God, I hope so.

Here’s a quote from one of my favorite articles so far:

“Gov. Palin’s official announcement that she is resigning as chief executive of the great state of Alaska had all the depth and gravitas of a 13-year-old’s review of the Jonas Brothers’ album on Facebook. She even quoted her parents’ refrigerator magnet. (Note to self: if one of my kids becomes governor, throw away the refrigerator magnet that says: “Murray’s Oyster Bar: We Shuck Em, You Suck Em!”) She put her son’s name in quotations marks. Why? Who knows. She writes, “I promised efficiencies and effectiveness!?” Was she exclaiming or questioning? I get it: both!”

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