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Two close allies of former Gov. Sarah Palin are leaving state employment.

The aides, Frank Bailey, director of the Office of Boards and Commissions, and Kris Perry, director of the governor’s Anchorage office, are on their way out, said Sharon Leighow, spokeswoman for Gov. Sean Parnell.

“Both of them decided to pursue other opportunities,” she said.

These two are members of Sarah’s inner circle who will apparently do whatever she asks them to. Bailey was suspended during the Troopergate investigation and “was referred for additional ethics training after an investigator said he had been inappropriately involved in attempting to get a state job for a Palin campaign supporter.”

Kerry was implicated in an ethics charge when she traveled both to the Republican National Convention and to Georgia when Palin campaigned for Saxby Chambliss. Both were cleared of any wrongdoing.

I wonder what plum job Palin will be giving them. I bet they’ll show up on her payroll, somehow involved with SarahPAC or with Campaign 2012.

Payback? You betcha.

Read the whole article here at Channel 11 KTVA.

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Oh, Please Run Sarah

Hat tip to Shannyn Moore for this excellent link:


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The Face of Bravery

We go through our humble little lives, day after day, happily (or not-so-happily) engrossed in our own little dramas and minutiae (yes, I had to look that word up to remember how to spell it. I know how to say it, though. Min-oo-sha.) We read about those who perform acts of bravery, of selfishness and we think, “Oh, I could never do that.” But we can, and we do. Those who are brave often don’t realize it until they have acted heroically. The mother who leaps in front of a car to save her son. The bystander who pulls over to help someone in need. They don’t go looking to be a hero. They just become one.


This is Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein. She lives and works in Sudan. She is a journalist who works for the UN in Sudan and who was eating at a restaurant when she and almost a dozen other women were arrested. For wearing pants.

The women were taken to the police station and lashed 10 times. They now face up to 40 more lashings and a fine of around $100. Lubna was offered the opportunity to have immunity from the UN or continue with the trial. Lubna resigned her position, declined immunity and asked to proceed with the trial. Oh, and did I mention she showed up for her trial wearing the same outfit she was arrested for wearing?

Scores of people crammed into the courthouse to hear the ruling, many of them female supporters — some of them also wearing trousers out of solidarity.”

Reading stories like these really puts life into perspective. It opens our eyes, makes us realize how much is taken for granted by those of us that have so much freedom to live our lives as we see fit. Yes, we have a lot of problems in this country. Yes, we fight each other and call each other names. But at the core of all of that is an assumed same-ness that we will always have. We are free in so many ways.

My daughter will never have to worry about the police taking her to the police station and lashing her for wearing pants. I wish that was true for the daughters of these brave women. I wish them well.

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According to The Telegraph, the dye in blue M & M’s help cure spinal cord injuries.

“The compound Brilliant Blue G blocks a chemical that kills healthy spinal cord cells around the damaged area – an event that often causes more irreversible damage than the original injury.


Those treated with BBG were later able to walk, although with a limp. Rats that did not receive the BBG solution never regained the ability to walk.”

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It’s amazing how much easier it is to listen to Sarah’s speech when William Shatner reads it.

Here is the link since it’s been taken down from YouTube. Nice, NBC. Nice.


Thanks, Gryphen. I needed this today.

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You Go, Carl Bernstein

Carl Bernstein has hit the nail on the head.

Journalist Carl Bernstein joined the “Morning Joe” panel to discuss Sarah Palin formally relinquishing the governorship of Alaska yesterday.

And he did not mince words regarding her fitness for national office, calling Palin “ignorant” and a “demagogue.”

From Wikipedia: Demagogy (also demagoguery) (Ancient Greek δημαγωγία, from δῆμος dēmos “people” and ἄγειν agein “to lead”) is a strategy for gaining political power by appealing to the prejudices, emotions, fears and expectations of the public — typically via impassioned rhetoric and propaganda, and often using nationalist, populist or religious themes. The term was used for the first time by Aristophanes in his satire against the demagogue Cleon.

This is a perfect description of Sarah Palin in my mind. I’m surprised there isn’t a picture of her on the above Wikipedia page.


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Oh, I wish I’d found It’s Lovely! I’ll Take It! when I was looking for houses this spring. The tagline is “A collection of poorly chosen photos from real estate listings.” Very, very funny. I might just have to go back and look for that house that was floor-to-ceiling wood paneling to send in.

A few fine examples:



It’s got to make you wonder what they were thinking when they chose those photos.

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Freaking Hilarious

If you’re tired of reading about you-know-who or health care, take a mental break and watch this video. It’ll make you laugh, and if I know one thing for sure, we all need more laughter in our lives. Enjoy.

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Stewart the New Cronkite?


According to an online poll over at Time.com, Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsperson in America right now.

I bet if you did this as a phone poll or any other kind of poll, the results would be very different. Good to know that my man Jon came out on top, though.

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Me N Sarah Friends 4EVR


Sarah, how old r u? rn’t u like 45 yrs old? Y r u spending all yr X on twittr? Can’t u rite a cmplte sntnce? O, yeah, that’s rite, u can’t.

Look, Sarah, u r not 12 yrs old. It’s time 2 grow up and act yr age. This is gting rly embarsing for us. We can’t stnd 2 c u like this. Yr tweets r like nails on a chlkbrd.

Like Lisa Kogan said in the November 2008 Oprah magazine, “Junior high is just one long daisy chain of nonstop mean, and you have officially survived it. That’s right, my friend, you may have to face locusts, drought, and World War III, but you can now go forth secure in the understanding that seventh grade is over. You get to wake up each and every morning without worrying that Arleen Posner got the same Frye boots as you. You will never have to read Beowulf, be groped by a 13-year-old reeking of his father’s Aqua Velva, or feather your bangs again. The enormity of this revelation must not be underestimated.”

That’s right, Sarah, you’re not in seventh grade anymore. Grow up.

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