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Even Better News

Just a few tidbits of good news to share with everyone:

Norm Coleman Ordered To Pay Al Franken $95K By Minnesota Court

Miss California Losing Crown After All

John Ziegler, Palin’s personal filmmaker and shameless self-promoter, gets a smackdown

Gingrich looks even more ridiculous by accusing nominee Sotomayor of pretending to break her ankle

And just for fun, here’s a quote from an online chat with Kathleen Parker, columnist over at www.washingtonpost.com:

San Francisco: Do you think that a lot of the interest in Palin is just curiosity? During the election campaign, everyone I spoke to, liberal or conservative, said they would go to hear her speak – but not a one thought she was a qualified candidate for national office. They just wanted to see her because she is such an anomaly.

Kathleen Parker: She’s interesting. As Flannery O’Connor once said, “People will stand in line to shake hands with a monkey.” Or something to that effect.”

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The good news is, according to Gallup, less than 0.5% of Republicans feel that Sarah Palin speaks for them.

That means that of the 1,015 national adults who were asked who speaks for the GOP, Newport said, less than five people cited Palin. [snip] What makes this striking is that Palin has gotten far more media exposure (though hardly always favorable) than any other prospective 2012 GOP candidate, with the possible exception of Gingrich. Palin is frequently quoted in the media attacking Obama, or doing something that resembles attacking Obama, at any rate. But no one associates her with leadership qualities or sees her as speaking for the party.

Anyone else feeling relieved?

The bad news is, that the top three people who Republicans feel do represent them are Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney.


Actually, now that I think about it, this may be good news after all. I mean, come on. If these guys are the bright, shining stars of the GOP, I don’t think Democrats have anything to worry about.

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From The Huffington Post:

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford requested stimulus cash for the state’s schools Monday, telling the U.S. education secretary he’s doing so under duress and the $700 million in bailout money will create more problems.

Governor Sanford has finally given in and asked for the education money he should have requested months ago. I guess this means there’s hope that Palin will take the energy money after all. To save face, though, she will have to come up with something more dramatic than just saying she’s accepting “under duress.”

Maybe it’ll go something like this:

(Back of hand over forehead) “It is with extreme sorrow that I ask for the remaining stimulus funds. Please know that I am doing this out of pressure the likes which has never been seen before. My hands are tied and I had no other choice but to ask for the funds which the good people of Alaska deserve. I am the mother bear and asking for these funds is like me personally scavenging for food for them so they don’t starve during the cold, harsh winters of Alaska. Also, it is with regret that I ask for this money. (Wink) Sarah, 2012!”

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Palin’s had a busy week, yet again. I missed most of it due to a nasty case of strep, so I think I’ll just sum up.

Wednesday: Pipeline– That pesky Senator Begich is poking his nose into Sarah’s business again, asking questions about her pipeline. Who does he think he is, a public servant or something?

Wednesday: Phew!– Luckily, one good thing happened to Sarah this week. Another ethics complaint was dismissed by that handy Personnel Board. Good thing she hired most of them herself.

Wednesday: Public Education Standards? Pshaww!– Palin got on the short bus this week to join a small group of governors who have said thanks but no thanks to helping develop national education standards. Who are these other brave governors? Why, none other than Texas Governor Rick “Let’s Just Succeed From the Union” Perry and South Carolina Governor Mark “You Can’t Make Me Take Money for Education” Sanford, of course. Oh, and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. I have yet to figure out what his problem is.

Thursday: Politicians Use Their Power– Alaska Legislators are considering flexing their override muscles when it comes to the stimulus money that Palin has refused to accept. Now, if they could only get her to actually ask for it. Hmm…maybe if they tell her that she’s the only state in the whole country to refuse to take energy money. Nah, she’ll just feel all mavericky and stuff.

Thursday: Political Correctness: Screw It– AKM braved the most difficult challenge yet: facing both Michael Reagan and Sarah Palin in one sitting. Warning: this post is hard to sit through, and that’s not because of AKM’s writing. It’s just, well, nauseating.

Saturday: Pay Up!– Sarah has until June 23rd to repay the state for her family’s illegal trip-taking. I sure hope she got an advance on that “book.”

Saturday: Palin Plagarizes– You remember that speech up there? The one listed for Thursday? Well, turns out she didn’t write it all by herself. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. Yep, that’s what I thought.

Saturday: Parade– What’s the best way to wrap up a week like Sarah’s? A parade, of course! I bet Sarah felt like Miss Alaska again, even for just a moment. She’s going to need those positive feelings to last. I mean, tomorrow’s the start of another long week for the Governor. Lets hope this one works out a little better than the last one.

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One Lovely Blog

A dear friend of mine who I met through Mudflats awarded me the One Lovely Blog award this past week.

I am humbled, as it is her blog that I feel is truly worthy. Therefore, I’m giving the award back to her. You can read her amazing food blog, Life’s a Feast, here. Jamie is one of those cooks who makes the most divine dishes look simple. She’s living in France, but spent seven years in Italy, which makes her food even that more exotic and amazing. I wish I could jump on a plane right now and go try her artichoke-asparagus risotto. Jamie presents the backstory for each recipe, and then takes you through it, step by step, with gorgeous pictures to lead the way. She amazes me. So thanks, Jamie. It’s been wonderful to get to know you and your lovely blog.

Since Jamie passed on her award to more than just one blog, I shall do the same. Here are just a few of the blogs that I’ve discovered in the past year that have improved my life and opened my eyes.

Making it Lovely– Nicole Balch is a designer/shop owner extraordinaire who never ceases to amaze me with her talent and creativity. She owns a little shop called PinkLovesBrown.com, where you can find unique stationery, note cards, pins and mirrors. Nicole is on maternity leave right now, as her new baby girl has recently arrived, but is still posting at Making It Lovely.

Da Goddess– My friend Joanie is a photographer. She loves da blues, and her kids Mojo and Little Dude. Joanie has become one of the unlikely people I’ve encountered through the tubes that I think I’ll be friends with forever. Her life has its ups-and-downs (whose doesn’t?) but she always shares whatever is happening with us, and for that, I think she is one of the bravest people I’ve ever met. Her photos are beautiful and she enjoys sharing her expertise with the reader. You deserve this award, Joanie. Thanks for being a great friend.

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Okay, twice. I did give her credit for staying home from the White House Correspondents Dinner last month.

This time, she’s speaking out after Dr. Tiller, an abortion doctor in Kansas, was killed yesterday in the foyer of his church.

She writes,

“I feel sorrow for the Tiller family. I respect the sanctity of life and the tragedy that took place today in Kansas clearly violates respect for life. This murder also damages the positive message of life, for the unborn, and for those living. Ask yourself, ‘What will those who have not yet decided personally where they stand on this issue take away from today’s event in Kansas?’

Regardless of my strong objection to Dr. Tiller’s abortion practices, violence is never an answer in advancing the pro-life message.”

Governor Sarah Palin

Palin does herself a favor here by saying exactly what the rest of us were waiting to hear: that the murder of Dr. Tiller was wrong and that even if you are anti-abortion, that does not give you the right to kill the doctor that performs them.

There is one thing I’d like to comment on, though. She claims she is pro-life, when in fact, she is anti-abortion. You see, I am pro-life too, but I am also pro-choice. It is possible to be both. In my case, I happen to not want to have an abortion. In fact, I bet a lot of women who get abortions don’t want to. But it is my belief that every woman deserves to be able to make decisions about her body herself, without government, doctors, or anyone else interfering. This includes the right to an abortion if she feels that is what she needs to do.

Palin, on the other hand, is anti-abortion. If she was pro-life, then she would be against capital punishment, which she is not. She would be in favor of protecting wildlife, which she is not. I am constantly amazed at how she and other conservatives can reconcile these conflicting beliefs.

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