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Tibetan brown rug from Home Depot

So we’re moving, right? And I needed a rug to go under my bed because the ENTIRE house is sans carpet. I found a beautiful rug at Home Depot, and was excited to see that it would be delivered in ten days or less to my home. Or so the large orange and white sign said. I bought the rug, and then started looking at the paperwork which accompanied the receipt. There was no delivery date and I wanted to make sure I got the rug before we moved in this Saturday so I could put the rug down before the bed went in.

I asked the lady behind the service desk what she knew about the delivery service, and she sent me to the flooring department. I walked over there and found a helpful young lady who then directed me to another lady behind the service desk. When asked about the 10 days or less promise, she says, “Oh, that’s the lower 48.” So, when can I expect my rug? “6 to 8 weeks.”

That’s Alaska for you.

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