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Put herself first, that is. Once again, it’s all about Sarah. In order to make sure she gets the gas pipeline up and running before she leaves to campaign elsewhere, she went and made a deal with Alaska’s enemy, Exxon. As usual, Sarah’s thinking only about herself.

Think about it. Ask ANY Alaskan, even her supporters, which oil company has had the most negative impact on our state, and they will say Exxon. I don’t even have to link here to explain what happened back in 1989. We all know. We all remember. Even those people who were living in a cave at the time or who weren’t born yet know about the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the devastating affects it had on the people of this state.


Just last year, the settlement to the fisherman was finally completed, and they received such a small amount of money that it was insulting. $383 million dollars was awarded to 33,000 fisherman. Let’s do the math. That’s $11,606.06 for 20 years of lost revenue. An Alaskan fisherman can make that much in a weekend.

Now Sarah wants to reward their behavior with a contract with the State for the gas pipeline. Nice, Sarah. Way to be sensitive to the people of Alaska.


I am very disappointed to learn that Senator Begich is on Palin’s side. From ADN (Thanks to AKM for this link):

Begich also seemed to make peace with Palin, after complaining recently that he had seen little progress on the project — and had been asked by the White House about its status.

“ExxonMobil has always been considered the ‘big gorilla’ necessary for this project to succeed, so their willingness to get involved and make a substantial financial investment is warmly welcomed,” Begich said. “Congratulations to the Palin administration for their persistence in helping get Exxon and TransCanada together in this partnership.”

He added that it will be up to the state legislature to “take the gas line project to the next steps. I believe any Alaska gas line project must provide gas to Alaskans and other benefits, such as jobs and a fair share of revenues, to our citizens.”

So, there you go. The one Alaskan politician I thought I could trust (besides Les Gara) has bent over and is taking it in the rear. Good job, Mark.

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