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From The Huffington Post:

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford requested stimulus cash for the state’s schools Monday, telling the U.S. education secretary he’s doing so under duress and the $700 million in bailout money will create more problems.

Governor Sanford has finally given in and asked for the education money he should have requested months ago. I guess this means there’s hope that Palin will take the energy money after all. To save face, though, she will have to come up with something more dramatic than just saying she’s accepting “under duress.”

Maybe it’ll go something like this:

(Back of hand over forehead) “It is with extreme sorrow that I ask for the remaining stimulus funds. Please know that I am doing this out of pressure the likes which has never been seen before. My hands are tied and I had no other choice but to ask for the funds which the good people of Alaska deserve. I am the mother bear and asking for these funds is like me personally scavenging for food for them so they don’t starve during the cold, harsh winters of Alaska. Also, it is with regret that I ask for this money. (Wink) Sarah, 2012!”

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