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Well, almost. He did have two and a half weeks as AG, so I guess technically, WAR did begin. But let’s not get caught up with technicalities. I mean, let’s remember what he said about legal vs. illegal:

“It seems to me the most important thing that can be done by the Senate is not argue with legal or illegal but to appoint somebody to represent Juneau.”

Right. Let’s not worry about the details here, folks. Let’s just do what She says.

I have never been so proud of my Legislators before. In fact, I believe they deserve a round of applause! (Imagine all of the people in Alaska who have come together in solidarity against this confirmation in the past week standing and clapping together. The noise would be deafening!)

These Legislators deserve to be thanked, and I will be writing to each of them to express how happy I am that they voted to protect our beautiful state from Wayne Anthony Ross.

Republicans (3): Stedman, Waggoner, Stevens.
Democrats (9): Davis, Ellis, French, Hoffman, Kookesh, Olson, Paskvan, Thomas, Wielechowski

Republicans (6): Austerman, Chenault, Johansen, Seaton, Thomas, Wilson.
Democrats (17): Buch, Cissna, Crawford, Doogan, Edgmon, Gara, Gardner, Gruenberg, Guttenberg, Herron, Holmes, Joule, Kawasaki, Kerttula, Petersen, Salmon, Tuck.

Our Republican friends above deserve an extra special award for standing up against their party, their Governor, and the tens of thousands of Alaskans who believed Ross should have been the AG. A pat on the back to Senate President Gary Stevens for doing what he felt was right and voting no.

A tip of the hat to everyone who wrote, called, and/or emailed to express their opposition this week. It obviously had an impact:

From ADN:

Senate President Gary Stevens, a Kodiak Republican, said Ross’ involvement in the fight between Palin and lawmakers over the open state Senate seat had an impact. It was also a case of lawmakers hearing an increasing public opposition to Ross in recent days, said Stevens, who had indicated just a day earlier that he would vote for Ross but didn’t.

You see? What we think does matter, as long as we make ourselves heard. We saw this during Troopergate, and we’re seeing it now. The key is to be involved. Our Legislators know now that we are serious and we are paying attention. We have the names of the those that felt the need to support WAR. Their votes are on the books and we will remember their names.

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