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Iditarod 2009!

My family and I spent the day today watching the Iditarod, live and in person. We decided to go down the street to the Chester Creek Trail instead of going downtown. We figured the crowds would be crazy, plus anywhere Sarah Palin is, I am not. I want to avoid her at all costs. (I don’t want the crazy rubbing off on me.)

Here are some pictures:


Ed Stielstra, #46


Jeff King, a 4-time winner (he’s won 4 times out of the 19 races he’s run. That’s over 20%.), was holding his cell phone above his head, yelling, “Make some NOISE!!” You could tell he was really having fun. My question is, who was on the other end of the cell phone?

Here’s a little video of Lance Mackey’s run:

If you’re not familiar, Lance has won the last two Itidarods and is a cancer survivor. This man is tough as nails.

After seeing Lance, we went down to the Alaska Native Health Consortium building where Horizon was hosting a community get-together to watch the race. There were free hot dogs, chips, soda, hot chocolate and cookies. It was a real treat to have food while watching the race. The best part was that they were wrapping up hot dogs and offering them to the racers as they flew by. One musher, Jen Seavey (#61), yelled “Yay, hot dogs!” as she went by, catching it on the fly. It was pretty funny. Many mushers seemed grateful to be offered food while on the trail. Good times.

Here’s one more picture to help explain the uniqueness of Alaska:


And yes, that is a woman. You gotta love Alaska.

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