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Palin on the Edge

Have you ever watched a movie where there was a person standing on the ledge of a very tall building, moments from death, and someone from below screams, “JUMP!”? That’s kind of how I feel about Sarah Palin right now. From the looks of her last meeting with Alaska State Senators, she is a wee bit jumpy.

A couple of weeks before the Alaska legislature began this year’s session, a bipartisan group of state senators on a retreat a few hours from here invited Gov. Sarah Palin to join them. Accompanied by a retinue of advisers, she took a seat at one end of a conference table and listened passively as Gary Stevens, the president of the Alaska Senate, a former college history professor and a low-key Republican with a reputation for congeniality, expressed delight at her presence.

Would the governor, a smiling Stevens asked, like to share some of her plans and proposals for the coming legislative session?

Palin looked around the room and paused, according to several senators present. “I feel like you guys are always trying to put me on the spot,” she said finally, as the room became silent.

Even when dealing with members of her own party, she seems to be on the defensive. She had some words to say about fellow Republican, Jay Ramras-R, recently when he dared call her out for her lack of leadership regarding the crisis in Western Alaska.

“I am disappointed that Representative Ramras failed to express his concerns to my office before issuing a press release with incomplete and misleading information. This is particularly concerning since he knew I would be attending a meeting with his entire caucus that evening. Representative Ramras did not mention the specific issue of using state assets to me personally at the meeting. Instead, I read about it later in the press release. Truly Alaskans deserve better than that kind of ‘politics as usual’. It is unfortunate that the representative sees this as an opportunity to play politics rather than help in the response.”

One fellow Republican has even called her “Quayle with a ponytail.” Ouch.

I imagine Palin standing out there on that ledge, teetering perilously on her high heels, clingly tenuously to the brick behind her. She is smiling, of course, because that’s what beauty queens do. Eventually, if we keep expecting her to do her job, to understand what’s going on around her, maybe she’ll finally realize that she doesn’t belong out there on the ledge and she’ll jump. Hopefully, all the way back to Wasilla.

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