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After watching the development of the Georgia Senate race, I’ve come to a conclusion. It was never about Saxby Chambliss. It was also never about Jim Martin. As Sarah Palin and countless other Republicans have made clear, this was about left vs. right. About keeping power away from Democrats. It was never about what Saxby Chambliss stood for, what the issues were, or even who Jim Martin is. Don’t believe me? Consider this:

Murray Gottlieb, 54, a caterer in Savannah, said he voted for Chambliss because he doesn’t want complete Democratic control of the Senate.

“I support Barack Obama now. I hope he’s the best president we’ve ever had and we get out of the funk we’re in, but I don’t want to give him that much power,” Gottlieb said after casting his ballot at a church in Savannah.

This race was not about Saxby, it was about the number 60. Republicans didn’t want Democrats to have 60 seats in the Senate. It didn’t matter who was running with the R next to his name. It could have been the devil himself, and he still would’ve gotten elected.

Changing the subject, here’s a little something I found while doing research for this article from the Miami Herald:

Pam Sena drove her 7-year-old granddaughter from Locust Grove to see the young girl’s role model. Morgan Sena took it hard when McCain-Palin lost the election, Pam Sena said. Her granddaughter thought Palin should have been at the top of the ticket.

When asked why the youngster thought Palin should be president, Morgan turned her eyes to the ceiling as she considered her response. Her shoes wobbled as she perched on the metal railing of the barrier behind the press platform while she thought.

“She’s good,” Morgan said softly and then added, “Cause she’s pretty.”

And this one:

Red, white and blue painted signs on the stage drew applause with their printed punchlines: “Read my lipstick – vote for Sax”, “Keep your Change” and “Palin-Chambliss 2012“.

Sorry, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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