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24 hours. It lasted just 24 hours. 24 hours between when we found out Troopergate would continue and when it was back in the hands of the court. I am too tired to rehash the details of today’s installation of “How Alaska Turns,” so I’ll redirect you to Mudflats. You should read the comments, too, since several of the loyal readers are lawyers. It is a very interesting discussion. I’m proud to be a Mudpuppy.

Because of the complete pile of dog poo that this whole mess has become, I’ve started losing track of who’s on what side. I started a Good Guys/Bad Guys spreadsheet and will continue to add to it as things move along. I wish I’d started it on August 29th.

Here’s what I have so far:

Good Guys

State Rep Les Gara
State Rep Kim Elton
State Rep Lyda Green
State Rep Bill Wilechowski
Judge Peter Michalski

Bad Guys
State Legislator Wes Keller
State Legislator Mike Kelly
State Legislator Fred Dyson
State Legislator Tom Wagoner
State Legislator Carl Gatto
State Legislator Bob Lynn
Attorney General Talis Colberg
Attorney Kevin Clarkson

Who did I miss?

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