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The whole world seems to be writing about the debate tonight, and I’m no different. I spent the evening watching the debate at the Beartooth TheaterPub here in Anchorage, Alaska. I spotted SMR from Mudflats, which was neat because we’ve never actually met except in the comments section, but I didn’t get to talk to her. She walked out of the theater and I couldn’t find her before I had to go home. Oh, well. Maybe next time. At least I know her real name now!

Watching the debate with 99% Obama supporters sure was a blast. We had our debate BINGO cards, one of our members supplied white T-shirts and fabric markers, and of course, a pitcher of beer and a tasty chicken ranch pizza. What more could we have asked for?

As the debate commenced, I found myself increasingly in love with Joe Biden. I’ve never given much thought about Biden before, but I truly think he’s a wonderful person. He’s ready to be Vice-President tomorrow. At one point, I leaned over to my friend and said, “Can I vote for Biden for President?”

I didn’t win at BINGO, but I came close. I got “McCain,” “middle class,” “heartbeat away,” “outsider,” “foreign oil,” “energy independence,” “Al Qaeda,” “maverick (six times),” “main street,” and “drill.” In fact, every time she said “maverick,” people (okay, I’m included in there) shouted, “MAVERICK!!” and we’d all cheer (and some people drank). It was a riot.

Here are some notes I took whilst watching:


-“bless their hearts” (is she talking about the oil companies?? Bless their hearts?)

-She winked. Gag.

-“Doggone it”

-“Her reward will be in heaven.” (The audience groaned when she said this one.)

-Ifill: Do you support legislation to keep homeowners in bankruptcy? Palin: Energy, energy, energy

-Iran’s lack of women’s rights? WTF? She’s really talking about women’s rights? Is she crazy?

-“John McCain knows how to win a war.” (Which one? Vietnam? Nope. Iraq? Nah. Hmmm…)

-“maverick” six times!

-“greed and corruption” three times! (She might be referring to herself here, I’m not sure.)

-“What is your weakest trait?” She didn’t answer the question, just talked about her background.

-Is she listening to the questions at all?

-Obama/O’Biden. Did she really just call Biden O’Biden? That’s almost as good as O’Merkeley. I’m putting that on the back of my T-shirt. Obama/O’Biden ’08!

-Biden is giving lots of specific solutions to problems. She’s only giving us sound bites that we’ve heard a hundred times.

-I love the “Ultimate Bridge to Nowhere” comment from Biden about the McCain tax plan. (The crowd goes WILD!)

So, that’s it for my post-debate commentary. I sure did have a great time tonight. I’m sure the pundits will spin it in her favor, but the polls are already saying Biden won handily. Either way, SNL should be good on Saturday.

Good night, and I’d like to give a SHOUT OUT to the 3rd graders over at Gladys Wood Elementary School!!

UPDATE: If you want to experience the BearTooth Viewing Party for yourself, click HERE.

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