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It’s CineMonday! But…

I know, I’m a slacker. I just don’t feel like reviewing today. Or maybe it’s because the only movie I’ve partially watched this week is 25 minutes of 28 Days Later. That’s right, another zombie movie. My husband is on a zombie kick right now, and just finished 28 Weeks Later while I was at church.

I’ll tell you this, though, do NOT, I repeat, do not watch a zombie movie (a real zombie movie, not a funny one like Shaun of the Dead or Fido) while you eat dinner. I made that mistake last night. Not good.

Anyway, 28 Days Later is a real zombie movie, in that 1. it’s not funny, 2. it’s very very bloody, 3. it freaks me out, 4. I had to leave the room. So, not a real review, just a note to say if you’re into blood, screaming, people running for their lives, etc., 28 Days is where it’s at.


P.S. I promise I’ll have a real review next Monday. What? Don’t you trust me?

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