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Here We Go Again!

Tomorrow at noon(ish) you know where I’ll be. The Alaskans for Truth Rally. I ordered my Mudflats boots but I don’t think they’re going to get here in time. I’ll be wearing rain boots, though, even if they’re not bright yellow. I’m hoping my fellow Mudflatters will wear theirs.

One interesting difference between the Alaskan Women Reject Palin rally and the Alaskans for Truth (AFT) rally: the AFT rally will be comprised of people from across the aisle. I look forward to meeting people who are Democrat, Republican, Independent or none-of-the-above. It should be an interesting mix of people who have all decided that honesty and truth belong in our government. We are demanding truth. We are demanding honesty. We are demanding openness.

We will be standing up to people like Talis Colberg, who is back in the state and back in action. He has now filed paperwork to declare the subpoenas illegal and the investigation a fraud. Gotta love a Governor-appointed Attorney General, huh? I personally believe this man should be disbarred and thrown in jail for his actions in the past few weeks. I have no respect for someone who would knowingly use his office to persuade state employees to break the law, and who wants a perfectly legal investigation to be stopped because it might make his boss look bad. I’ll say it again: FOR SHAME, Talis Colberg. You deserve whatever you get for this.

See you tomorrow!

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