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CineMonday, Anime Edition

I know I’ve been busy with the AWRP rally, but I didn’t forget to watch and review a movie this week. Come on, you know me better than that.

Movie: Howl’s Moving Castle
Year: 2004
Voiced by: Christian Bale, Lauren Bacall, Blythe Danner, Billy Crystal (English version)
Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Romance
Rated: PG
Runtime: 119 minutes
Stars: Three out of five

Howl’s Moving Castle is about a plain young girl who finds herself transformed into an old woman by the spell of a witch. The spell also ensures that she cannot tell anyone about what has happened to her. After she decides that maybe it’s not so bad to be old after all, she leaves her home on a journey to find the witch that cast the spell. On the way she discovers the castle and the interesting characters that live within.

Howl’s Moving Castle is a visually beautiful movie, to be sure. I found myself getting lost in the animation, especially the castle itself. Simply stunning.

The only thing about this movie that I didn’t like is the love story angle. There’s quite a bit of sappy music and there’s a romance between two main characters. If you don’t mind that, then you’ll probably really like Howl.


P.S. I found the first photo at Wikipedia.com.

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Alaska Rebate Check Donation

I decided about a week ago to donate my Alaska Energy rebate check. It felt like a bribe, so after listening to many people’s opinions, I’ve decided to pass it on to a few organizations that I feel need it more than I do. Here’s how I’m giving away the money:

$120 to my local church- they are open-minded and fair, so I feel comfortable donating to them
$540 to the Barack Obama campaign
$540 to my local elementary school- I was told recently that the district does not allot funds to fully stock each classroom’s emergency backpack, so I will be giving my money so they can purchase things like hand sanitizer, batteries for flashlights, emergency foil blankets, band-aids, etc.

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback and comments about this issue.

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