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Rally Photos Galore! Updated

All morning Saturday, I was feeling pretty nervous and jittery. I was heading for the AWRP rally at the Loussac Library at noon. I had decided that it didn’t matter how many people were at the rally, I was going to go and express my opinion about our lovely Governor Palin. I pictured maybe 15-20 women and a few Eddie Burke supporters trying to keep us from doing what we were there to do.

I had invited my friend to go with me the day before but she hadn’t seemed interested. As I drove toward the library, I got a phone call on my cell. It was my friend, and she was on her way to meet me. I was thrilled because I wasn’t sure how this whole thing was going to go down, and to be honest, my friend could kick Eddie Burke’s ass.

As I turned the corner on 36th Ave., I saw the crowd. My heart started thumping. I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to park in the library parking lot, so I headed across the street to the Century 16 movie theater lot. After I parked, my friend pulled up and we started heading for the crowd. We could hear a drum beating, horns honking and the crowd cheering. As we got closer, we saw a woman storming up and down the median shouting, “No-Bam-A” at the cheering crowd. Boy, was she mad. We avoided her, crossed the street and began our way up and down the crowd, marveling at the amazing array of signs. It was so inspiring. We spent quite a bit of time taking pictures of signs and marveling at the beauty of the scene.

We climbed up the hill to get a better perspective of the crowd. It stretched from one end of the block to the other. I estimated around 1,000 people, mostly women, but men, too, and some children and dogs. As we walked back down the hill, I looked up at a sign reading “Keep Your Laws Off My Body.” I stopped short. I said, “Hey, wait, are you Molly?” She looked surprised that a complete stranger would have known her name, but said yes and shook my hand anyway. I told her that I had seen that exact sign on a website that I had found just that morning, and we struck up an immediate bond, blogger-style.

To say the least, the rally was amazing. It was intense, incredible, unbelievable. I’ve never been involved with something quite like this, and I’m not sure I’ll ever come across it again. Perfect strangers were talking like they were family. People smiling and complimenting each other on their signs. People taking pictures and loving every minute of it.

As we left, people in cars that were passing by cheered us and honked at our sign. A man who was also crossing the street at the same time started up a conversation about the issues we all face in this election. It’s hard to describe how this event affected me. It brought us together in a way Alaskans have never seen before. I am proud to be an Alaskan today. I would be even prouder if I saw rallies such as this spread across the country. The whole world needs to be brought together like we were yesterday. Won’t you pass it on?

My sign got a lot of attention

My sign got a lot of attention

That's Eddie Burke with the blue shirt on the right


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