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Wish Us Luck

It looks like we’ll be needing to bring out shin guards with us on Saturday. The folks over at the Eddie Burke show (a local radio talk show) have decided that it’s a good idea to encourage people to harass, threaten and intimidate the people who will be gathering on Saturday to express their feelings about Sarah Palin.

I don’t know about you guys, but this reminds me of something someone I’ve heard a lot about in the news lately would do. Hmmm…who am I thinking of? Someone who takes things very personally, who gets upset if you don’t agree with her, who is vindictive, petty and revengeful? Gosh, I just can’t think of her name.

Anyway, I don’t care how few people will be at the rally or who plans to come to harass us. I will be there because this is the United States of America, and we believe in freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, freedom of belief.

You will not bully me, Sarah Palin. You do not represent me. I am an Alaskan woman, and that is a wonderful thing to be, even if you are making us all look bad right now.

So, keep your eye out for me on the news Saturday. I’ll be the one not yelling, not being disrespectful, not being hateful. You should be able to pick me out of the crowd.

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