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When I dropped S. off at the daycare provider’s this morning, she finally did it.  She leaned toward her and put her arms out.  Thank God.  Husband said when he picked her up, she was in his arms and actually was acting like she wanted to go back in and play some more.  It took a full week- a painful week- but she did it.  What a relief.

Oh, and yesterday, she said something that sounded like, “Mommommommommommom.”  Yippee!


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I am dusty, dirty, sweaty and my hands hurt. A day in the life of a teacher two days before school starts. I had forgotten how much physical labor is involved with working at an elementary school. Not that every day is like this, just the first few days and the last few. I guess a few in-between, too. That’s okay, I was super lazy over the summer, so I can use the exercise.

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More Extreme Airports

I followed a comment link from Da Goddess’s page to find this post about extreme airstrips. Here’s a photo of the airstrip where I was born and raised:

Cool, huh? But no, I don’t miss living there.

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Blogroll, Schmogroll

Okay, I don’t get it. What’s up with people’s blogrolls? There are so many varieties out there, I’m getting confused. Here are just a few variations that I’ve discovered in my travels across the interwebs:

1. Short (these people are obviously lazy- oh, wait, that includes me)
2. Super-long (these people love EVERY BLOG THEY’VE EVER SEEN- you know who you are)
3. Absent (it’s just not there- what, you have no friends? What’s wrong with you?)
4. Organized (these people obviously have WAY too much time on their hands)
5. Good God that’s a lot of blogs (This one has well over a thousand blogs listed)
6. Those that don’t include me (are you TRYING to hurt my feelings?)

I just want to take a moment and give a shout out to my friend, Da Goddess, who was the very first person to put me on their blogroll. Thanks, Joanie! You like me, you really like me!

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My Best Interests

First, a note: Thank you, Susan, for keeping my best interests at heart. She reminded me that perhaps my post from a few days ago would not be looked upon favorably by some parents who might stumble upon my blog. Very true. I’d hate to offend anyone with my sick sense of humor. So, Susan, here’s to you!

We spent the day in training today and I am wiped out. Luckily, it is a good training so it does not feel like a waste of time. S. had an okay day at her new daycare- she cried a little and only slept about an hour. I think she’ll be fine once she gets used to it.

I have some web surfing to do, so I must away! I hope you all had a good day.

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In Mourning in the Morning

I have to go back to work tomorrow. I work at an elementary school and it’s our first day of training. Teachers don’t officially have to go back until Thursday, but we are having early training this year. So, two days less of summer.

S. is going to her new childcare provider tomorrow. I think it will work out fine, but this is the first time she’s ever been watched by someone who’s not a relative. It’ll be a lot worse for me than for her, I predict. The worst part will be naptime, I think. She’s not great at napping anywhere besides her own bed.

So begins another school year. Wish me luck.

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Double Duty

Here’s my man’s idea of babysitting:

That’s right. He’s mowing the lawn with my daughter on his back. What a guy.

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary last night. We went to the Crow’s Nest, which is a restaurant on top of one of the tallest buildings in the city.
Here’s the view from inside the restaurant:

The views of the mountains and city were beautiful. We ate ourselves into a coma. Rock on.

My husband got me the best present an Alaskan could ask for: an autostart for my car. I already have one, but it doesn’t work well (read: it’s been a nightmare since Day 1), so I’m totally psyched to get an upgrade. He sure does know me well.

I got him theatre tickets. Yeah, I know, not most husbands’ idea of a great anniversary present, but just wait: they are for Spamalot and JC Superstar. He’s a big Monty Python fan and the latter is one of his favorite movies. Oh, and the ticket pack also comes with tickets to Annie. Meh. I might sell ’em. Anyway, I’m jazzed.

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