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She Just Can’t Win

We went over to my mother-in-law’s last night for dinner. She can cook. I love going over there-it’s a culinary adventure every time. My MIL and Walter (her husband) had gotten a new dog last month, and we were looking forward to meeting her. Leah, the Corgi, age six. A bit overweight, but sweet.

As we were eating dinner, S. decided that she was done and wanted to crawl around on the floor for awhile. She crawled into the living room and over to the dog, who was lying near the fireplace. All of a sudden, the dog lunged at her, snapped at her face, snarling. The look on S.’s face was heartbreaking. We all jumped up and ran over, Walter got the dog and took her out on the deck while I scooped up the baby and held her to me as she wailed uncontrollably. After a few minutes, she calmed down and rested in my arms. She now has a puncture under her right eye and she is sporting a lovely diagonal bruise on her right cheek.

After her chipped tooth and concussion last month, her summer’s been pretty tough.

I got a call from my MIL today to check on the baby- she told me they gave the dog back last night. I feel really bad. Walter is still very upset about having to give the dog back- he is definitely a dog person and I know he had already bonded to her. Not my decision, but it is one that I support. Like my MIL said, if she hasn’t already gotten used to children by now, at age six, she probably won’t ever be comfortable around them. It’s too bad. They’ve waited a long time to get a dog.

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Har Har

The Bloggess has written a funny post this morning- you should read it. I wish I was this creative, clever, smart, etc.

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