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My poor darling baby woke up this morning looking like she’d been in a fist fight with Mike Tyson:

Apparently, when my mom was watching her yesterday, they went outside to play and a mutant mosquito decided to eat her face. I’m guessing she’s allergic.

I hate mosquitos.

At least she didn’t seem to mind too much. Here she is feeding her dolly a cracker:

What a nice girl.

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Here’s where we’ll be spending Friday and Saturday:

I won a “Princess for a Day” radio contest a few months ago and we’re finally going on the trip.

We leave Thursday night and will be doing this for at least six or seven hours:

Well, not exactly. We won’t be smiling at each other like idiots, but we will be riding the train. We get there Thursday evening, spend two nights and then come back by “Deluxe Motorcoach” on Saturday afternoon. Don’t know what a “Deluxe Motorcoach” is? Neither did I. Here’s a picture:

Here’s a shot of the interior of the lodge looking at the view:

Ray will be staying at my sister’s house for two nights. I’ve never been away from her overnight, so this should be interesting. Wish us luck.

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Dear Reader,

I know you’re out there. I know you’re reading this.

I never realized until I had this blog just how important it is to leave a comment after reading someone’s blog. I’d been lurking on probably 10 different blogs for the past month, internalizing my thoughts and feelings about what I was reading. Now that I have this blog, it almost feels like I’m all alone, or at least, almost all alone. I’ve had only two people comment so far (Thanks Marta and Alexa!), and when they did, I did a little happy dance. (I might have squealed a little when I realized that it was THE Alexa from Flotsam that I posted about just a few days ago.)

Anyway, please post a comment, if you read this. I would really appreciate it. Just let me know you’re out there.

Your humble blogger,

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A Banner Day

Today was a banner day here at our house. It started with the baby (heretofore known as Ray) using a spoon for the first time to eat her raspberry yogurt. I got that on video, because, of course, I’m a first-time parent who has to document every single second of my daughter’s life.

Then Ray used her Retro Rocket the right way for the first time, meaning, she got on it by it herself and used both feet to push herself around the living room/kitchen. Here she is:

And then it happened. She walked. She took four steps (not sequentially) toward me because I was holding her dolly. I could have cried. So, it’s official. Her first steps were taken at 12 months, two weeks.

UPDATE: She also got in and out of the tub BY HERSELF for the first time tonight. I turned around for two seconds and she was already hurling her second leg over. She fell a little on the way out, but not much. Yikes. You have to watch that one every minute.

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How much will the baby love these when she gets a little older?

This T-shirt is available here in sizes 2T, 3T, 4T, 5 and 6 for $32.

These adorable chalkboards are available here for $56.

Baby stuff is great, but there are so many fabulous little girl things that I can’t wait to buy for her. So far I’ve mostly been dressing her in hand-me-downs from my sister’s daughter, who is nine months older than mine. Hand-me-downs are great and all, but every girl’s got to have her own stuff sometimes.

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Okay, so aren’t birthdays supposed to be fun?

Photo by Harry Kachline

I’m not exactly sure what she’s thinking, but I think it’s along the lines of, “What the f$%k is this?”

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Q: Okay, so first, how was the pasta last night?
A: I guess I’d give it three out of five stars. It could have had a bit more flavor, but I added some pepper and extra of Parmesan cheese at the end and it wasn’t bad. I guess the real test is that Husband had seconds. That’s always a good sign.

Q: Do you have any tips to share regarding the cooking of the meal?
A: Yes, I have a few tips. 1. Don’t be in such a rush to finish that you cut the palm of your hand. 2. Use the zest and juice of only one lemon, not two like the recipe calls for. 3. Use more cheese. More cheese is always good. 4. Angel hair works just fine.

Q: How was the shrimp? Did it work well with the dish even though the recipe didn’t call for it?
A: Er…I forgot the shrimp. But I plan to use it next time. Does that count?

Q: So, the overall experience was good?
A: Definitely. I would make this again. It was light and tasty for a warm summer day.

Q: Anything else?
A: Well, now that you mention it, as we were having our nightly chocolate cake (made from scratch, mind you), I sat down next to Husband and he said, “I like my frosting on the left.” My stunned reply was, “Imsorrywhatdyasaynow?” Apparently, when eating cake, my dear, dear husband prefers the top of the cake with the layer of frosting to be on the left whilst the cake is lying on its side. I told him, “You know, I might just have to blog about this.” He just smiled.

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If you haven’t discovered Flotsam yet (and even if you have), you must check out today’s post, Weighty. She discusses gender stereotypes, how expectations differ between girls and boys, and the color pink. This is one case where the comments are truly worth reading.

Alexa from Flotsam is one of my favorite online authors. Her writing always makes me laugh and I have enjoyed watching her little girl, Simone, flourish. I would suggest going back to older posts and taking the ride with her. Her story is awe-inspiring: She struggled to get pregnant, and then lost one of her twins, a boy, mid-way through. The other twin, a girl, was born very premature and very fragile. Simone’s struggle to survive and the journey Alexa takes her readers is truly unique and personal.

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I read books. Not as much as I used to since the baby was born, but I do read them. At the moment, I am reading The Plague of Doves, by Louise Erdrich. She is one of my favorite authors, and no one wanted to pick the book for this month’s book club choice, so I put myself out there and picked it, even though I hadn’t so much as laid my eyes on it. All knew that Ms. Erdrich is a native American writer who I completely love. I’ve been waiting several years for her to write another book. You might have read Love Medicine or The Beet Queen.

What I have time (read: energy, attention span and brain cells) to read are magazines. Mostly I read Health and Oprah. Yesterday was a banner day in the world of “What I Know I Learned from a Magazine.”

First, I read an article in Oprah entitled, “I Was a 51-Year-Old Desk Muffin.” It is mostly about getting out from behind your desk and actually moving. Touché. Although for me, it’s getting off the couch. Anyhoo, I loved this quote from a friend of the author, Geraldine Brooks, who is a personal trainer: “My rule is simple: Look at the food and ask yourself, Do I want that glued on my butt?” I love this. It’s already helped me pass up my nightly chocolate cake fix. It’s helping me make better decisions about what I put into my mouth. Score one for Oprah.

Secondly, Health magazine included a recipe from Jamie Oliver (not usually my favorite). It is called Summertime Tagliarini. I know, I know. I didn’t know what tagliarini was either. Apparently, it is “long, paper-thin noodles). I didn’t find any at Fred Meyer, so angel hair it is. Whatever. Anyway, the recipe (which I can’t find on Health.com, strangely enough), is so simple. I hope it’s as good as it looks and sounds. The recipe is as follows:

Summertime Tagliarini

3 oz pine nuts, divided
zest and juice of 2 large lemons
1 large bunch fresh flat-leaf parsley
1/2 cup plus 2 tbs olive oil
4 oz freshly grated Parmesan cheese
1 1/2 oz freshly grated pecorino cheese (I found it already grated in a small tub next to an identical tub of Parmesan in a deli case.)
18 oz good-quality tagliarini (What the hell does that mean? Do stores normally sell bad-quality tagliarini?)

1. Smash half the pine nuts into a paste, then put them into a big heat-proof bowl with remaining whole pine nuts, lemon zest and juice, chopped parsley, and olive oil. Stir, the add the Parmesan and pecorino.
2. Put a large pot of salted water on to boil. Sit sauce bowl on top while water heats up-this will take the chill out. When water starts to boil, remove bowl and add pasta to pot. Cook pasta according to package instruction; drain, reserving a little cooking water. Toss pasta with sauce and reserved cooking water (try 1/2 cup) to loosen it. The heat from the pasta will melt the cheese, allowing the lovely sauce to coat it. Tip: If you find the sauce too thick, add a little more water; it should be incredibly silky, fresh, and fragrant. Have one last taste to balance the flavors. Add some Parmesan and a sprinkle of parsley; enjoy immediately.

I can’t wait to try it tonight. I think I might even add some shrimp (my husband doesn’t think it’s a meal unless there’s meat). I’ll let you know tomorrow how it turned out.

UPDATE: I just went into the kitchen to feed the baby and noticed that the lemon I bought YESTERDAY is half moldy. Awesome. I know, I should have gotten in the car, returned it to Fred Meyer and gotten my $0.68 back, but I decided to save the $1.75 in gas, cut the rotten part off and save the rest. Damn gas prices.

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Are They Worth It?

I love these shoes from Revolve Clothing.

I’m just not sure I can justify $84 for a pair of shoes I could only wear with a few outfits, a few times a year.

What do you think?

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