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The Good

Here’s the video I took from a kayak on Byers Lake, near Mt. McKinley, Alaska:

The camera got kind of caddy-wampus toward the end because I needed to paddle a little. You can hear the sound of the paddle in the water. It was so peaceful and serene. I could have stayed there all day.

I’m off to the Nordstrom anniversary sale, so I’ll post pictures later. Ta ta!


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It’s not that I’ve forgotten about you. It’s just that so much has happened since I last left you that I haven’t had the energy to start. So, to quote Inigo from The Princess Bride, let me es’plain — No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

1. Our trip was wonderful. We went on a kayaking excursion, which was fabulous. Pictures (and video if I can figure it out) to come later.

2. Ray fell on hard tile at my sister’s house THE FIRST EVENING WE WERE GONE and chipped her front tooth and bonked her head. Plus, she was on T.V. These two events were not related. More on that later.

3. When we returned, she was not herself. By Sunday, I was worried enough to call the pediatrician (as they are not open on Sunday, I actually spoke with someone in Spokane…I guess it’s their 24-hour nurse hotline or something), who recommended the ER. So, off to the ER we went.

4. She got a catscan and it was determined she had a concussion.

5. Cue: mother crying, baby whimpering pitifully.

6. Monday, I noticed that she was having neck pain and difficulty tilting her head back or moving it from side to side, so off the the pediatrician’s office we go. Diagnosis: torticullus. Sounds like a delicious pasta dish, but no, a cricked neck, possibly caused by an virus in the muscle. Yeah, I know, I didn’t know that was possible either. Treatment: ibruprofen.

7. The rest of the week has been spent not at the doctor’s office or ER.

So that’s it for now. I’ll post pictures soon. If anyone out there knows why I can’t download my video clip, please let me know.

Oh, and this is the wall decal I decided to go with. The seller is going to make me a custom decal that is the same but will fit inside my tiny little bathroom. She’s going to shrink it down to 50″ instead of 78″. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the wall.

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Yay or Nay?

Thanks to the Nesting blog, I found this extremely cool wall decal I’m thinking of putting in our newly remodeled bathroom:

I’ve been looking for art to put on the wall but hadn’t found anything that seemed to work. Our new bathroom has a white tub, white sink, white toilet, black cabinets and “cream in my coffee” walls with a bit of texture. I’m thinking of getting the decal in leafy green to match our bath mats. As of now, the mats are the only thing in the room that has any color.

I like this one, too:

This one I found by just typing in “Wall Decal” in the search engine on Etsy. There are so many different ones I will have to finish looking at them tomorrow. Anyway…

What say ye?

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My poor darling baby woke up this morning looking like she’d been in a fist fight with Mike Tyson:

Apparently, when my mom was watching her yesterday, they went outside to play and a mutant mosquito decided to eat her face. I’m guessing she’s allergic.

I hate mosquitos.

At least she didn’t seem to mind too much. Here she is feeding her dolly a cracker:

What a nice girl.

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Here’s where we’ll be spending Friday and Saturday:

I won a “Princess for a Day” radio contest a few months ago and we’re finally going on the trip.

We leave Thursday night and will be doing this for at least six or seven hours:

Well, not exactly. We won’t be smiling at each other like idiots, but we will be riding the train. We get there Thursday evening, spend two nights and then come back by “Deluxe Motorcoach” on Saturday afternoon. Don’t know what a “Deluxe Motorcoach” is? Neither did I. Here’s a picture:

Here’s a shot of the interior of the lodge looking at the view:

Ray will be staying at my sister’s house for two nights. I’ve never been away from her overnight, so this should be interesting. Wish us luck.

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Dear Reader,

I know you’re out there. I know you’re reading this.

I never realized until I had this blog just how important it is to leave a comment after reading someone’s blog. I’d been lurking on probably 10 different blogs for the past month, internalizing my thoughts and feelings about what I was reading. Now that I have this blog, it almost feels like I’m all alone, or at least, almost all alone. I’ve had only two people comment so far (Thanks Marta and Alexa!), and when they did, I did a little happy dance. (I might have squealed a little when I realized that it was THE Alexa from Flotsam that I posted about just a few days ago.)

Anyway, please post a comment, if you read this. I would really appreciate it. Just let me know you’re out there.

Your humble blogger,

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A Banner Day

Today was a banner day here at our house. It started with the baby (heretofore known as Ray) using a spoon for the first time to eat her raspberry yogurt. I got that on video, because, of course, I’m a first-time parent who has to document every single second of my daughter’s life.

Then Ray used her Retro Rocket the right way for the first time, meaning, she got on it by it herself and used both feet to push herself around the living room/kitchen. Here she is:

And then it happened. She walked. She took four steps (not sequentially) toward me because I was holding her dolly. I could have cried. So, it’s official. Her first steps were taken at 12 months, two weeks.

UPDATE: She also got in and out of the tub BY HERSELF for the first time tonight. I turned around for two seconds and she was already hurling her second leg over. She fell a little on the way out, but not much. Yikes. You have to watch that one every minute.

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