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I Pounced

On Etsy, you can “Pounce” on sellers that either haven’t sold an item yet or those who just sold their first item. I love this. It’s like discovering something no one else has seen yet. Some of the sellers are excellent, like the illustrator I found today, and some of them are, well…interesting.

Amanda Shepherd is a children’s book illustrator who sells prints and greeting cards. I’m going to buy these cards and frame them for Reagan. They are $3.00 each! The frame will probably cost more than the art.

yelo dog who is not yelo

Charlie, the New Orleans Dog

Noodle Dog

Cute, no?

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The Good

Here’s the video I took from a kayak on Byers Lake, near Mt. McKinley, Alaska:

The camera got kind of caddy-wampus toward the end because I needed to paddle a little. You can hear the sound of the paddle in the water. It was so peaceful and serene. I could have stayed there all day.

I’m off to the Nordstrom anniversary sale, so I’ll post pictures later. Ta ta!

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