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A Banner Day

Today was a banner day here at our house. It started with the baby (heretofore known as Ray) using a spoon for the first time to eat her raspberry yogurt. I got that on video, because, of course, I’m a first-time parent who has to document every single second of my daughter’s life.

Then Ray used her Retro Rocket the right way for the first time, meaning, she got on it by it herself and used both feet to push herself around the living room/kitchen. Here she is:

And then it happened. She walked. She took four steps (not sequentially) toward me because I was holding her dolly. I could have cried. So, it’s official. Her first steps were taken at 12 months, two weeks.

UPDATE: She also got in and out of the tub BY HERSELF for the first time tonight. I turned around for two seconds and she was already hurling her second leg over. She fell a little on the way out, but not much. Yikes. You have to watch that one every minute.

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How much will the baby love these when she gets a little older?

This T-shirt is available here in sizes 2T, 3T, 4T, 5 and 6 for $32.

These adorable chalkboards are available here for $56.

Baby stuff is great, but there are so many fabulous little girl things that I can’t wait to buy for her. So far I’ve mostly been dressing her in hand-me-downs from my sister’s daughter, who is nine months older than mine. Hand-me-downs are great and all, but every girl’s got to have her own stuff sometimes.

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