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A Not-so-little Problem

9:00 and all is well.  The Schmoop is asleep in her crib (God bless her one-year-old little body that she can finally sleep through the night), Husband is quietly snoring on the couch next to me, and the remote control is all mine.  Too bad there’s nothing on.

I have one little problem.  Daycare.  The problem is this:  S. had been on a waiting list to get into the local Montessori school since May.  And she’s still third on the list.  I think she’s moved up one spot in two months.  The real problem:  school starts in three weeks.  We really want to get her into the school, mostly because of the location.  It is on the way to Husband’s work, and they’re open from 6 to 6, which would be really nice.

Last year, we were blessed with childcare provided by my sister.  S. got to hang out every day with her auntie and cousins.  It was great.  Then, my sister had to go back to work or lose her seniority.  She would have to start over at the bottom, which she wasn’t willing to do.  So, the hunt began.

We interviewed with a lovely woman who would have been perfect, but she chose a different family (What, we’re not good enough for you?  Is my child not cute enough?  Okay, so I might have a felt a little sting of rejection.  It’s normal).  So, we looked again.  We have found a woman who has a home-based childcare, and it looks like it might work out until S. can get into the Montessori school.  I hope we don’t have to go there, but it looks like we will.

So, that’s where we stand.  Positive thoughts, please.  I could use them.

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Nashville or Bust

I’m leaving for Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday morning and won’t be back until Wednesday night, so expect not to hear from me during that time. I doubt I’ll find the time or have the energy to look for a place to check the computer while I’m there.

If you’ve ever been to Nashville or have any ideas about what I should see or do while I’m there, I’d love to hear about it. I’m not a fan of (read: I hate) country music, so I’ve already decided that the Country Music Hall of Fame is out, as is the Grand Old Opry. There are no concerts or events I want to see, I’ve already checked. I’d like to visit the art museum but they close at 5:30 pm and my conference goes until 4 pm each night, so I don’t think that I will make it.

Please comment if you have any ideas at all.

P.S. I’ll be there by myself, if that makes any difference.

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Movin’ on Up

Well, I’ve decided to start another blog. I’m going to be posting at mamadance.wordpress.com as well as here. I wanted to try a different webserver as well as narrow my focus. I’ve learned from many other websites that it’s a good idea to choose one thing to write/post about, and I’ve decided that it’s motherhood. So, if you want to read my rants about being a mother, head on over to Mamadance. I’ll still post here every so often, but I might eventually decide to exclusively post over there. We’ll see how it goes.

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Why We Dance

Mamadancing is when we are our goofy, silly selves, moving and grooving just to entertain our children.  It’s when we shake our butts and make up words to our favorite songs just to get them to eat another bite.  It’s what we do at 2 am when we rock and sway to lull them to sleep after a long, hard day.  We rock, we roll, we jive, we twirl.  We dance.

Mamadancing is also what we do every day when we run between work and home, when we fret over our child while we’re at work, and when we worry about work when we’re at home.  It’s the daily “dance” between worlds that mothers perform to make sure our children have what they need to grow up healthy, strong and self-assured.  Some people call it the rat race or the grind.  I’m an optimist- I like to call it Mamadance.

This blog is in appreciation for those mothers that came before me, those that I find inspiration from, and those that are still to come- the friends and loved ones that are about to embark on their own journey, those that are about to begin the ultimate dance.  Thank you to all of you.  You’re beautiful.

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I went to PETCO to buy a Furminator, but once I realized that it was going to cost me $55, I bought the cheaper alternative, the FurBuster. $34 dollars later, we were back at home and ready to try it out. Once I put the baby down for her nap, I went to work. It didn’t work very well on Duncan, my chocolate lab, because he mostly sheds his outer coat. On Molly, my Chiuhuahua mix, it worked like a charm:

The FurBuster has already paid for itself. She looks younger and sleeker, seems to feel better, and the hair is no longer all over my house. We’ll see how long it takes her to regrow all that hair. And yes, the pile of hair is bigger than the actual dog.

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Dancin’ Queen

She makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

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I Pounced

On Etsy, you can “Pounce” on sellers that either haven’t sold an item yet or those who just sold their first item. I love this. It’s like discovering something no one else has seen yet. Some of the sellers are excellent, like the illustrator I found today, and some of them are, well…interesting.

Amanda Shepherd is a children’s book illustrator who sells prints and greeting cards. I’m going to buy these cards and frame them for Reagan. They are $3.00 each! The frame will probably cost more than the art.

yelo dog who is not yelo

Charlie, the New Orleans Dog

Noodle Dog

Cute, no?

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The Good

Here’s the video I took from a kayak on Byers Lake, near Mt. McKinley, Alaska:

The camera got kind of caddy-wampus toward the end because I needed to paddle a little. You can hear the sound of the paddle in the water. It was so peaceful and serene. I could have stayed there all day.

I’m off to the Nordstrom anniversary sale, so I’ll post pictures later. Ta ta!

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It’s not that I’ve forgotten about you. It’s just that so much has happened since I last left you that I haven’t had the energy to start. So, to quote Inigo from The Princess Bride, let me es’plain — No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

1. Our trip was wonderful. We went on a kayaking excursion, which was fabulous. Pictures (and video if I can figure it out) to come later.

2. Ray fell on hard tile at my sister’s house THE FIRST EVENING WE WERE GONE and chipped her front tooth and bonked her head. Plus, she was on T.V. These two events were not related. More on that later.

3. When we returned, she was not herself. By Sunday, I was worried enough to call the pediatrician (as they are not open on Sunday, I actually spoke with someone in Spokane…I guess it’s their 24-hour nurse hotline or something), who recommended the ER. So, off to the ER we went.

4. She got a catscan and it was determined she had a concussion.

5. Cue: mother crying, baby whimpering pitifully.

6. Monday, I noticed that she was having neck pain and difficulty tilting her head back or moving it from side to side, so off the the pediatrician’s office we go. Diagnosis: torticullus. Sounds like a delicious pasta dish, but no, a cricked neck, possibly caused by an virus in the muscle. Yeah, I know, I didn’t know that was possible either. Treatment: ibruprofen.

7. The rest of the week has been spent not at the doctor’s office or ER.

So that’s it for now. I’ll post pictures soon. If anyone out there knows why I can’t download my video clip, please let me know.

Oh, and this is the wall decal I decided to go with. The seller is going to make me a custom decal that is the same but will fit inside my tiny little bathroom. She’s going to shrink it down to 50″ instead of 78″. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the wall.

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Yay or Nay?

Thanks to the Nesting blog, I found this extremely cool wall decal I’m thinking of putting in our newly remodeled bathroom:

I’ve been looking for art to put on the wall but hadn’t found anything that seemed to work. Our new bathroom has a white tub, white sink, white toilet, black cabinets and “cream in my coffee” walls with a bit of texture. I’m thinking of getting the decal in leafy green to match our bath mats. As of now, the mats are the only thing in the room that has any color.

I like this one, too:

This one I found by just typing in “Wall Decal” in the search engine on Etsy. There are so many different ones I will have to finish looking at them tomorrow. Anyway…

What say ye?

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